If you like extreme sports, like not only to trav­el, but also to be active, then this arti­cle is for you! Surf­ing is a great enter­tain­ment and vari­ety in every­day life. A lot of peo­ple trav­el the world with the goal of “catch­ing a good wave”.

best surf spots

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is home to some of the best beach­es in the world. And there are 54 surf spots along the coast of Rio where you can catch a wave. The best surf­ing sea­son in Rio is July/August when the water reach­es 20 degrees Cel­sius and the waves are quite high


2. Maldives

We wrote a lot about these amaz­ing places, but only about pas­sive relax­ation on the beach, now I want to intro­duce the Mal­dives as a place for active recre­ation for surfers. There are many places where you can per­fect­ly ride the wave. There is beau­ti­ful clear water, sandy beach­es and a huge num­ber of islands. If you are a pro­fes­sion­al then you must try Meeru reef and Ninas is good for begin­ners. The best time to vis­it is July, August, at this time the biggest waves, and more mod­er­ate in March, April, and also Novem­ber. The cli­mate here is trop­i­cal, wet and dry from Novem­ber to March, and from May to Novem­ber it rains, strong winds, as well as storms.


3. California, USA

There is a huge choice of places for your favorite pas­time, surfers gath­er along the entire Cal­i­for­nia coast. There are also qui­et beach­es or par­ty beach­es, in any case there are a lot of beau­ti­ful places. Pro­fes­sion­als go to the north of Cal­i­for­nia, such as Del Norme, as well as to the south­ern part of the coast of Cal­i­for­nia

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4. Perth, Western Australia

There are quite a few good surf spots in Aus­tralia. Perth is divid­ed into north, south and cen­tral, where surfers most­ly gath­er. Big waves in Perth all year round. Dur­ing the cold­er months, and here it is July/August, you will need a wet­suit, but the waves are very big. January/February are the hottest months, but dur­ing this time the waves are small. If you dri­ve south, you will get to quite pop­u­lar places among surfers — Aval­on Point, Bun­ber­ry, Surfers Point and the Mar­garet Riv­er

5. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town offers breath­tak­ing beach scenery over­look­ing the majes­tic Table Moun­tain. The peo­ple here are very friend­ly and you can find around 150 surf spots. There is open sea from Cape Horn to the coast, the waves here are quite large. Two oceans meet in Cape Town: the cold water of the Atlantic and the warmer Indi­an Ocean in False Bay.
June/August are the win­ter months with big waves, even storms, but waves can be found here all year round. In January/February the water tem­per­a­ture is 13 C while the air is 35 degrees.

6. Hawaii

Hawaii is known for its surf spir­it as well as huge waves. Top surf spots : Hanalei Point, Hanalei, Kauai; Ban­zai Pipeline, North Shore, Oahu; Maui. The biggest waves are in Jan­u­ary, with water tem­per­a­tures of 24 degrees being the best time to surf. There are a huge num­ber of beach par­ties that you can vis­it after you “catch your wave”.

best surf spots

7. Spain

There are sev­er­al lux­u­ry surf spots in Spain: Pais vas­co; Cantabria; Asturias; Gali­cia; Andalu­cia, as well as the Mediter­ranean coast. In addi­tion to beau­ti­ful land­scapes, there is always good weath­er and good waves.
Sep­tem­ber and Octo­ber are the best surf­ing months in Spain. Large waves in the Gali­cian region in January/February and tem­per­a­tures of 10 degrees.

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8. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a par­adise with crys­tal clear waters, beau­ti­ful sandy beach­es and very good waves! June-Sep­tem­ber is a dry win­ter in Bali, at this time there are a lot of surfers here, so you may not like the crowds of peo­ple. In May and until August, there are quite large waves, and the water tem­per­a­ture is approx­i­mate­ly 27 C. It’s warm all year round, so you won’t need a wet­suit.

9. Cornwall, UK

There are mag­nif­i­cent land­scapes here. The best beach for surf­ing is Pen­gold Box or Rusey. There are also many surf spots in the north of Corn­wall. The water tem­per­a­ture ranges from 9 to 17 degrees Cel­sius through­out the year. Corn­wall is a laid back surf­ing des­ti­na­tion.

10. Fiji

Fiji is part of par­adise, with friend­ly locals, warm weath­er all year round and big waves. There are many pri­vate beach­es where an invi­ta­tion is required in order to surf. How­ev­er, you can find “your” beach. For exam­ple, Try Yanu­ca Island, where they unof­fi­cial­ly ride the waves, as well as the Tavarua Islands, which also have very good waves. Waves are here all year round, but they reach their peak in Novem­ber. Decem­ber is also a very good time. The water tem­per­a­ture at this time is 28 C.

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