Trees are very impor­tant to us. They give us warmth, shel­ter, food and help keep the envi­ron­ment safe. There are so many types of trees in the world that vary in size, have an unusu­al shape and have their own dis­tinc­tive fea­tures. In this arti­cle, we will share some unusu­al, unique and strange trees that will sur­prise you.

strange trees

10 Wollemi Pine (Australia)

The Wolle­mi Pine or “Dinosaur Tree” is one of the largest botan­i­cal dis­cov­er­ies made in Syd­ney in 1994. These strange-look­ing tall trees were found in the Wolle­mi Nature Park, 150 km from Syd­ney. They can grow up to 40 meters in height and belong to the conif­er­ous fam­i­ly. The trunk of this tree can reach about 1 meter in diam­e­ter, and its branch­es can grow side­ways or ver­ti­cal­ly, depend­ing on the ori­gin. This is a rare species, so colos­sal efforts have been made to pre­serve them.

wollemi pine

9. Tule tree (found in Mexico)

This famous tree in the Mex­i­can state of Oax­a­ca grows in down­town San­ta Maria de Tule. The strangest and most remark­able is its trunk, which is con­sid­ered the strongest in the world. Although the exact age of this tree is not known, it is believed to be between 1200 and 3000 years old.

tule tree

8. Dragon Tree (Canary Islands)

Drag­on trees are shaped like an umbrel­la, which is why they are famous. This tree has become a liv­ing sym­bol of the Canary Islands, and the first inhab­i­tants of the island con­sid­ered it divine. The drag­on tree grows in Madeira and Cape Verde, but is also found in parts of Mex­i­co. Its age ranges from 650‑1000 years.

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dragon tree

7. General Sherman (USA)

Gen­er­al Sher­man is one of the largest sin­gle trunk trees on earth with a height of 90 meters. It can be seen in the Sequoia Nation­al Park in Cal­i­for­nia. This huge tree is also one of the old­est liv­ing with an age of 2300–2700 years. The base of the trunk reach­es 34 meters in cir­cum­fer­ence. This is one of the tallest and most unusu­al trees in the world. Read more about sequoias in the arti­cle “Sequoia: a giant tree”

general sherman

6 Silk Cotton Trees (Cambodia)

These silk-cot­ton trees are locat­ed in the province of Sim Ream in Cam­bo­dia and have a num­ber of amaz­ing fea­tures. A hun­dred years ago, the place of growth of these trees was unex­plored, but today it is includ­ed in the Angokar Archae­o­log­i­cal Park. The trunks of this tree go up to the sky and cre­ate a canopy, and count­less roots are ran­dom­ly tan­gled on the ground.

cotton trees in cambodia

5. El Arbol de la Sabina (Spain)

You have def­i­nite­ly seen that every tree grows ver­ti­cal­ly, and some are slight­ly slop­ing. How­ev­er, El Arbol de la Sabi­na is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent and unusu­al sight. This tree grows in the direc­tion of the wind and changes its shape many times a year. It looks real­ly amaz­ing!

El Arbol de la Sabina

4. Baobab (Madagascar)

Around the world there are about 9 species of baobab. Six of them are from Mada­gas­car, and two from the Ara­bi­an Penin­su­la and main­land Africa. The ninth is from Aus­tralia. In Mada­gas­car, you can see baob­a­bs of dif­fer­ent sizes and shapes, which are over 1000 years old. These trees can grow up to an impres­sive 30 meters and their trunk diam­e­ter can be up to 12 meters. The most unique fea­ture of this tree is that it can stand with­out leaves for almost the entire year, but its trunks are able to store large reserves of water and oth­er use­ful sub­stances.

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baobab madagascar

3. Cashew Tree Piranga (Brazil)

This is one of the largest cashew trees in the world. It grows over 2 acres and is 177 years old. Cashew piran­ga grows near Natal, Brazil. Accord­ing to local leg­ends, it was plant­ed by local fish­er­men in 1888. They def­i­nite­ly did­n’t real­ize that the tree would grow so huge and cov­er almost the entire sur­round­ing area, and the branch­es would touch the ground. This cashew tree pro­duces almost 10,000 fruits a year.

cashew pirangi

2. Tree of Life (Bahrain)

The Tree of Life is one of the most unusu­al and strange trees on our plan­et. He man­aged to live 400 years with­out water, in extreme desert con­di­tions. It’s amaz­ing that he man­aged to sur­vive in a place where noth­ing else grows. This tree rep­re­sents life, which is why it got its name. It attracts many tourists, and locals believe that this is where the Gar­den of Eden was actu­al­ly locat­ed.

bahrain tree of life

1. Tree-Basket (USA)

Axel Erland­son is a gar­den­er who gave orig­i­nal shape to trees. He began shap­ing trees after study­ing the nat­ur­al bind­ing process known sci­en­tif­i­cal­ly as inoscu­la­tion. He prac­ticed a com­bi­na­tion of bend­ing and graft­ing to give tree trunks intri­cate shapes. To cre­ate the bas­ket tree, Erland plant­ed 6 plane trees in a cir­cle and then pressed them togeth­er to cre­ate dia­mond pat­terns. This Bas­ket is the main attrac­tion of Gilo­ry Gar­dens.


Each of these trees is unique, and also has its own unique his­to­ry. If you are ever lucky enough to vis­it these places, be sure to take a look at them and enjoy the won­der­ful cre­ation of nature.

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