Beer lovers get ready! In a new arti­cle, we talk about the 12 strangest types of beer. Believe me, you have not even heard of such.


Beer is a very ancient drink that has been brewed and brewed since ancient times. The first men­tions of beer were in ancient Chi­na, Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. And today, there are so many vari­eties of beer that the eyes run wild in the store. At the same time, there are incred­i­ble and even unique vari­eties of beer. Let’s talk about them.

1. Oyster stout

Beer? From oys­ters? What kind of attack is this? But it is actu­al­ly brewed in many places around the world. The most sat­u­rat­ed vari­eties with a creamy taste are pro­duced only with oys­ter shells, which are added to the wort. But some types of beer are made with the addi­tion of a whole mol­lusk.

2. Fortified beer of the Brewmaster brewery, Snake Venom

It is a super strong beer that con­tains 67.5% alco­hol by vol­ume, which makes it stronger than most whiskeys, as well as vod­ka. Beer is made from pure ethanol, as well as beer that is brewed from water, bar­ley, hops and yeast. This is a drink for those with good health and liv­er.

3. Ghost Face Killa, Twisted Pine Brewery

This beer is very bit­ter but spicy at the same time. Six dif­fer­ent types of chili pep­pers are used to cook it, includ­ing ghost pep­pers. That is why beer is so spicy that only lovers of spicy and spicy dish­es can drink it.

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4. Saturday Morning, brewery Smartmouth

On the con­trary, this beer is sweet, like baby por­ridge. In the US, the taste of this beer is called nos­tal­gic, and it is pro­duced with sev­er­al pounds of marsh­mal­lows added to each brewed batch. This is strange, because who would want to drink beer with the taste of marsh­mal­lows?


5. Flemish red ale

This is a very inter­est­ing type of beer with a strange taste. When you first take a sip of this beer, it seems that it is spoiled. But at the same time, if you get used to the taste, you will def­i­nite­ly like it, because it tastes more like wine than beer.

6. Aries, броварня Steðji

This Ice­landic beer is not very strong, but it is brewed with inter­est­ing ingre­di­ents. The begin­ning of the recipe seems nor­mal — water, grain, hops, yeast. But then you look at the ware­house and get a lit­tle gray, because this beer is also made from ram’s tes­ti­cles, which are smoked on a fire made of sheep dung. Won­der.

7. Whale beer, Steðji Brewery

And again the indomitable Ice­landic brew­ery Steðji with its beer exper­i­ments. They made whale beer. Lamb tes­ti­cles have already been dis­pensed with here. It was time for whale tes­ti­cles, which were smoked over sheep manure. Such an egg is added to each batch.

8. Utopias, Boston Beer Company

This is a strong beer that is brewed and aged accord­ing to old recipes, so it gets all its taste and aro­ma thanks to clas­sic ingre­di­ents and time spent. And its bot­tle looks very nice.

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9. Birra Etrusca Bronze, Dogfish Head Brewery

This beer is brewed accord­ing to ancient recipes and inspired by ancient drink­ing ves­sels found in ancient Etr­uscan tombs. And it is fla­vored with ingre­di­ents that were avail­able to ancient brew­ers: pome­gran­ate, hon­ey, Ethiopi­an myrrh resin. The taste and aro­ma of this beer is very exot­ic.


10. Lambic, Lindemans brewery

This beer, with its strong foam, is unlike any oth­er you’ve ever tast­ed. It is pro­duced in only one place in the world — in the Bel­gian Pajot­ten­land val­ley. There are dozens of strains of nat­ur­al yeast float­ing in the air, so they lead to the spon­ta­neous fer­men­ta­tion of beer, which occurs when the win­dows of the brew­ery are open. It is spicy with a com­plex taste, and if it is made with fruit, it is also fan­tas­ti­cal­ly sweet.

11. Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, Wynkoop Brewery

Okay, that’s a tricky local pun, but Ice­landers aren’t the only ones on this list who make beer with tes­ti­cles from var­i­ous ani­mals. Rocky Moun­tain oys­ters are boiled bull tes­ti­cles. And this type of beer is made with their addi­tion to the mix­ture. Fried tes­ti­cles add a unique smoky taste to beer. Would you try such a beer?

12. Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner, Moody Tongue Brewery

This beer is more expen­sive — 120 bucks per bot­tle! And no won­der, because it is made from truf­fles, as you can under­stand from the name. Prob­a­bly deli­cious.