Fly­ing in an air­plane, look out the win­dow, you will see a clear blue sky, and be filled with such a feel­ing that there is noth­ing around, only this moment. You look at the earth from a height and under­stand what its scale is. But a sim­ple plane flight is not every­thing, try your­self in such an action as a para­chute jump. If you con­tin­ue to read this arti­cle, I’m will­ing to bet that some­where deep down you want to do this. And per­haps this is one of the many things on your life list. It’s a great expe­ri­ence, sky­div­ing.

Often we make excus­es why we can’t do it, or it’s very expen­sive, or we’re just afraid. How­ev­er, if you are deter­mined, before the jump you will be excit­ed, and then after the jump, you will be grate­ful to your­self that you were able to do it. There­fore, if you are still think­ing whether to be or not to be, here are 5 rea­sons why you should do it:

1. You will expe­ri­ence pure adren­a­line. You start to feel it as soon as you step on the plane and it starts to take off, and you start to real­ize that the only way down is to para­chute (of course not the only one, but if you don’t jump, you still have to pay). And so you jumped, you are fly­ing in free fall with great speed and from a great height, your body does not know what to do at first and how to react, and now you begin to under­stand that you are falling, the wind hits your face, as if a huge hair dry­er is direct­ed on you.

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2. The sec­ond rea­son why you should do this is that sky­div­ing is like a starter, it starts your mech­a­nism and you begin to real­ize that some oth­er actions that you were afraid of in the past are now sub­ject to you, and you have a burn­ing desire to accom­plish them. What will be the next bungee jump??? Or maybe a bull­fight? You begin to argue with your­self, and all those things that pre­vi­ous­ly seemed unat­tain­able to you become quite real and the world opens up for you.

3. The next rea­son you should do it is sky­div­ing is basi­cal­ly a safe sport, one sky­div­ing instruc­tor said “It’s a safer act than just cross­ing the street”, how many peo­ple die from car acci­dents, but still we dri­ve cars. Undoubt­ed­ly, free fall is dan­ger­ous, but safe­ty is affect­ed by many fac­tors, for exam­ple, the weath­er, if it is a beau­ti­ful day, then there is noth­ing to be afraid of, all you have to do is col­lect a work­ing para­chute, and you also have a back­up copy of the para­chute. And then there are para­chutes that open auto­mat­i­cal­ly if you don’t open it after 3,000 feet. It is worth not­ing that sky­div­ing is on the list of the most expen­sive hob­bies in the world.

4. The unique feel­ing that you are on top of the world. And now every­thing is under your con­trol. You stop think­ing about every­thing else that’s going on in your life and you just focus on that feel­ing. Feel­ing the feel­ing of fly­ing.

5. The last rea­son is the video below. Watch and enjoy.

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If you have not closed the arti­cle yet, and it dawned on you to make this jump, then I offer you the 10 best places for a para­chute jump.