Liu Xian­ping, a 72-year-old Chi­nese man, has become some­thing of an inter­net sen­sa­tion after mod­el­ing for his grand­daugh­ter’s online cloth­ing store. Liu Xian­ping’s grand­daugh­ter is one of five recent col­lege grad­u­ates who cre­at­ed Yuek­ou, a wom­en’s fash­ion store.
grandpa and women's clothing

We already wrote about the pho­tog­ra­ph­er who released a series called Mami­ka, where he takes orig­i­nal pic­tures of his grand­moth­er. Now let’s talk about a sim­i­lar case, where the main char­ac­ter was a 72-year-old grand­fa­ther. It all start­ed when one day her grand­fa­ther Liu came to help with unpack­ing: “He picked up one thing and tried to give some advice on how to dress and com­bine clothes cor­rect­ly. We took it as fun and start­ed tak­ing pic­tures.” Grand­pa’s pho­tos made it to the store’s web­site short­ly after the shoot. With­out know­ing it, they launched a viral ad, and online sales quick­ly sky­rock­et­ed. Since his debut as a mod­el, the store’s sales have quin­tu­pled.

super grandpa
When grand­fa­ther was asked what he thought of his fun­ny trick, Liu Xian­ping replied:

“Why is it unac­cept­able for some­one to wear wom­en’s clothes? These pho­tos for the store help my grand­daugh­ter and I have noth­ing to be ashamed of. We were very hap­py on the day of shoot­ing. I am very old and all I want is be hap­py.”

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