When one speaks of the indif­fer­ence nature of nature, one has appar­ent­ly nev­er heard of a gold­en retriev­er who took in a lit­ter of aban­doned rab­bits, or, for exam­ple, a hen and a goose who raised a flock of duck­lings togeth­er.

Of course, most adop­tions occur in the wild, where moth­ers often lack the care and upbring­ing of their young. The most unusu­al con­nec­tions are when a preda­tor begins to take care of its poten­tial prey. We have col­lect­ed 20 such exam­ples, but who knows how many more, these sto­ries that a per­son could not wit­ness.

A 10-year-old Ger­man Point­er res­cued a 4‑month-old kan­ga­roo in Bells Beach Vic­to­ria, Aus­tralia after his birth moth­er was hit by a car.

After the lioness ate the ante­lope, she adopt­ed the orphaned ante­lope cub and took care of him like her own lion cub. It came from the Queen Eliz­a­beth Nation­al Park in Ugan­da.

A Great Dane named Rocky has become very attached to Cindy, an aban­doned roe deer at the World Wildlife Res­cue Cen­ter in Eng­land.

After the death of her three kit­tens, Hiroko the cat became a sur­ro­gate moth­er to two duck­lings.

And this kit­ten was raised and nursed by a pig, he grew up next to a lit­ter of pigs in Nor­folk, UK

A cow named Jer­sey decid­ed to take care of her two new­born lambs in New Zealand.

The moth­er of this lamb aban­doned him, but a Dal­ma­t­ian named Zoya decid­ed to adopt him.

A chim­panzee named Anna helps breed pup­pies in a wildlife sanc­tu­ary near Dav­en­try, Eng­land.

On an Iowa farm, Hen­ri­et­ta the hen and Ger­tie the goose adopt­ed three duck­lings togeth­er.

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The par­ents of Zara, a lion cub at Lin­ton Zoo in Cam­bridgeshire, were not up to the task of rais­ing their child, so she spent her child­hood in the care of the zoo direc­tor’s cat, Arnie, before she grew up and was sent to Ugan­da.

At the Blue Cross Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal, a col­lie named Mack decid­ed to adopt four Viet­namese pot-bel­lied piglets that had been aban­doned by their moth­er.

Zookeep­ers taught Judy, an orphaned dog, how to take care of an equal­ly orphaned baby

Tri­col­or col­lie Solo cared for young tigers and hye­nas at Seav­iew Lion Park in South Africa.

Mur­ray the dog is a sur­ro­gate par­ent for three bad­gers in the Secret World Sanc­tu­ary.

Every time the moth­er of the pup­pies left, Mabel the hen moved the pup­pies into her bas­ket.

The own­ers of the Chest­nut cat brought home a sick squir­rel cub, and the cat was hap­py to help this squir­rel recov­er.

Spaniel Jess bot­tle feeds orphaned lambs who can’t get milk from their moth­er.

After the female pea­cock acci­den­tal­ly mixed up oth­er peo­ple’s eggs and sat on the eggs of a goose, she took care of the new­borns as if they were her own.

Dur­ing the sum­mer, the rab­bit helped raise the entire lit­ter of aban­doned kit­tens brought home by her own­er.