Fly across the ocean for a bud­get vaca­tion? It turns out that this is quite real. The pan­dem­ic that shook the world has made its own adjust­ments to the tourism busi­ness: more afford­able hotels, bonus ser­vices, and the ubiq­ui­tous all-inclu­sive for­mat were need­ed to attract guests. In con­nec­tion with such changes in the field, we decid­ed to find out how things are with elite recre­ation today. We turned to the Bronix tour selec­tion ser­vice with a request to tell us how things are going with the rest in the Domini­can Repub­lic, cov­et­ed by many. The results pleas­ant­ly sur­prised us: In this arti­cle, we dis­cuss the results of the select­ed pro­pos­als.

A selection of hotels in the Dominican Republic

What factors can reduce the cost of rest without loss of quality

  • Only break­fast or break­fast and din­ner at the hotel. Refusal from All inclu­sive often does not affect com­fort. Believe me, you will want to vis­it local restau­rants and cafes, and you can dine right on the beach, choos­ing fruits and snacks for a refresh­ing light snack.
  • Ani­ma­tion, dis­cos are not pro­vid­ed. Many fly to the Domini­can Repub­lic for peace and soli­tude, which is so lack­ing in every­day life. The absence of noisy night­ly events in this case is rather a pleas­ant bonus.
  • Not the first line. The resort area in the Domini­can Repub­lic is quite com­pact and does not go deep into the land. Buy­ing a tick­et to a hotel not on the coast­line, you will still live 5–15 min­utes walk from the beach.
  • Spon­ta­neous pur­chase. Even if vaca­tion dates are known long before it, rely on luck, pack your suit­case and come for a tick­et just a day or two before the date suit­able for depar­ture. Dis­counts will impress you.
selection of hotels in the Dominican Republic

TOP budget hotels in the Dominican Republic

  • Par­co del Caribe is a com­pact fam­i­ly-friend­ly hotel. The rooms are equipped with every­thing you need. Babysit­ting ser­vice is pro­vid­ed.
  • Calyp­so Beach Hotel is an inex­pen­sive accom­mo­da­tion with a suf­fi­cient range of ser­vices for a com­fort­able vaca­tion. There is a swim­ming pool and a seafood restau­rant.
  • Barce­lo Pun­ta Cana Reviews is a hotel with sta­ble Wi-Fi that offers rooms with break­fast and all inclu­sive. Some rooms over­look the ocean.
  • Four Points by Sher­a­ton Pun­ta­cana Vil­lage is a hotel that offers 4‑star ser­vice at a loy­al price.
  • W&P San­to Domin­go is a chain hotel with free accom­mo­da­tion for chil­dren. It fea­tures styl­ish inte­ri­or design in the rooms.
  • Hotel el Marinique is a hotel over­look­ing the ocean. Adheres to the pol­i­cy of pets friend­ly, accom­mo­dates guests with any pets.
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Of course, the list is not lim­it­ed to these loca­tions: the Caribbean Sea wel­comes guests with hun­dreds of hotels, hotels, vil­las. Choose an option at a demo­c­ra­t­ic cost to spend more on impres­sions and pur­chas­es!