Rice Ter­races in agri­cul­ture are arranged on a hilly or moun­tain­ous land­scape. Such an area is quite effi­cient for grow­ing rice, which requires a lot of water. They also help reduce ero­sion and land­slides. In addi­tion, they look quite beau­ti­ful in the pho­tographs tak­en from above, as you will now see!

rice terraces

Ter­raced rice fields are wide­ly used in South­east Asia. Most of them can be seen in Chi­na, where most of the pho­tos from this col­lec­tion were tak­en. Enjoy 25 incred­i­ble pic­tures of rice ter­races:

Be sure to check out our selec­tion of rice ter­races in Banaue, Philip­pines. There is also some­thing to admire.

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