“Flow­ers are the most divine cre­ation of nature … after women” — Chris­t­ian Dior. The bio­log­i­cal func­tion of a flower most often is to cre­ate a mech­a­nism for plant repro­duc­tion. For gen­er­a­tions, almost every civ­i­liza­tion in the world has idol­ized flow­ers as arti­facts of beau­ty and fra­grance. Each flower has its own emo­tion­al mean­ing and sym­bol­ism. We present you the 10 most beau­ti­ful flow­ers in the world.

beautiful flowers

10. Lily “Stargazer”

Ori­en­tal lily (botan­i­cal name Lil­i­um Stargaz­er) gets its name from its large star-shaped flow­ers. It is also one of the world’s most pleas­ant-smelling flow­ers, com­mon­ly used to dec­o­rate lux­u­ri­ous inte­ri­ors. Its petals are bright pink with tex­tured freck­les. Despite their beau­ty, stargaz­ers are inher­ent­ly tox­ic plants and should not be kept around pets.


9. Begonia

Bego­nias are very com­mon among enthu­si­as­tic gar­den­ers, attract­ing atten­tion with bright flow­ers with an excep­tion­al calm pat­tern. The Fran­cis­can fri­ar Charles Plumi­er dis­cov­ered these flow­ers in Brazil in 1690, mak­ing the first record of the Bego­nia genus. Bego­nias bloom in spring, and their bright col­ors and attrac­tive foliage are not always easy to care for. These beau­ti­ful flow­ers are a great addi­tion to any gar­den.


8. Anemone

There are many types of anemones, but among them we can sin­gle out the Mediter­ranean-born species with the most mag­nif­i­cent flower. Its name comes from the Greek word “anemos”, which means wind. Anemones are also known as wind flow­ers. The flow­er­ing species are char­ac­ter­ized by more cupped flow­ers. These cute flow­ers come in bluish-pur­ple, white, pink, red, and pur­ple-pink hues.


7. Passion flower

Pas­sion flower is one of the plants with the most amaz­ing flow­ers. There are approx­i­mate­ly 400 vari­eties, and the most com­mon is Pas­si­flo­ra edulis, the only flower that can devel­op into pas­sion fruit. Pas­sion flow­ers, usu­al­ly pur­ple, laven­der, or blue, are native to South Amer­i­ca and Mex­i­co.

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6. Protea

As the nation­al flower of South Africa, the pro­tea (Pro­tea cynaroides) is one of the most impres­sive sug­ar bush species and one of the rarest flow­ers in the world. The Pro­tea flower can reach almost 30 cen­time­ters in width. Long rose petals sur­round the fluffy cen­ter and will be the star of the show in any bou­quet.


5. Sakura flower

Cher­ry blos­soms are famous all over the world, but grow main­ly in Japan. In spring they bloom with pink and white flow­ers. Cher­ry blos­soms will enchant you if you are plan­ning a trip to Japan in the spring. The cher­ry blos­som plant sym­bol­izes renew­al and faith. Peo­ple love to sit under cher­ry trees and admire the blos­soms. When it comes to friend­ship, or rela­tion­ships, the Japan­ese con­sid­er these flow­ers to be the best in the world.


4. Dahlia

There are many vari­eties of this flower native to Cen­tral Amer­i­ca, which belongs to the genus Dahlia. Dahlias bloom every year, and there are 42 species and twen­ty thou­sand sub­species. Dahlias were once eat­en by the indige­nous peo­ples of Cen­tral Amer­i­ca. The Aztecs used the long hol­low stem of the dahlia as a water pipe. Speak­ing of mean­ings and sym­bol­ism, dahlias rep­re­sent dig­ni­ty in the lan­guage of flow­ers. These medi­um sized flow­ers are also the nation­al flower of Mex­i­co.


3. Tulip

You’ve prob­a­bly heard of the Keuken­hof flower gar­den in the Nether­lands, which is one of the world’s largest flower gar­dens in a vast area of ​​32 hectares. It is a well-known fact that the largest flower indus­tries in the world are locat­ed in the Nether­lands and Ger­many. Every spring, mil­lions of tulips bloom in this gar­den. There are over 3,000 vari­eties of tulip found through­out the world. This pop­u­lar flower vari­ety is one of the most used and cul­ti­vat­ed plants in the world.

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2. Orchid flowers

Orchids are one of the most ancient flow­ers in the world, with count­less vari­eties around the world. It is believed that Orchids were on the plan­et before the Earth­’s con­ti­nents sep­a­rat­ed. There are 28,000 known species of Orchi­daceae world­wide. The flower can be seen on every con­ti­nent except Antarc­ti­ca. The orchid grows well in trop­i­cal cli­mates. Many con­sid­er orchids to be among the most beau­ti­ful flow­ers in the world.


1. Rose

Because of its time­less ele­gance, the red rose is the most beau­ti­ful flower in the world. There are thou­sands of dif­fer­ent types of ros­es in dif­fer­ent col­ors as it is a uni­ver­sal sign of love and romance. This flower suits every style, from clas­sic red ros­es to the famous gar­den rose Juli­et (the most pre­ferred wed­ding flower in the US). Juli­et’s gar­den rose is con­sid­ered by my florists to be the most beau­ti­ful rose.

rose flower

This list is lim­it­ed to only 10 flow­ers, but there are count­less flow­ers and count­less vari­eties. If you’re hav­ing a bad day, some­times just look­ing at a flow­er­ing plant is enough to lift your spir­its. There­fore, we often paint walls with flo­ral pat­terns to remind our­selves of all aspects of beau­ty.

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