New York food pho­tog­ra­ph­er Beth Gal­ton, along with styl­ist Char­lotte Omnes, cap­tured these amaz­ing pho­tos of var­i­ous foods, includ­ing noo­dles, corn dogs, and even a half-cut cup of cof­fee. Gal­ton refrained from dig­i­tal­ly com­bin­ing images, instead rely­ing on strobes to freeze the action.

cutaway breakfasts

The pho­to series was inspired by a bur­ri­to they were asked to cut in half for a client. “Usu­al­ly for the assign­ment we pho­to­graph the sur­face of the food, some­times tak­ing a bite or cut­ting off a piece, but we did the cut in half for the first time,” said Beth Gal­ton. Char­lotte Omnes and Gal­ton thought it would be inter­est­ing to explore the insides of var­i­ous prod­ucts, espe­cial­ly the banal ele­ments of our dai­ly lives.

cutaway food

“Some of the ele­ments looked per­fect in sec­tion, even with­out any manip­u­la­tion,” said Gal­ton. “Donuts and ice cream were exam­ples of this. Oth­er ele­ments required the use of food mod­el­ing tech­niques, such as using gelatin to solid­i­fy liq­uid in soup cans, or col­or­ing food in noo­dle pack­ages. Daniel Hurl­bert, our dig­i­tal technologist/retoucher, helped with images that need­ed some tweak­ing and reassem­bly of all ele­ments.”

Beth Gal­ton grad­u­at­ed from Hiram Col­lege with a degree in stu­dio art. Her atten­tion to detail and strict sense of com­po­si­tion has enabled her to gar­ner a note­wor­thy client list, includ­ing Hell­man, Swan­son Broth, Camp­bel­l’s Soup, Wendy’s, Kraft Foods, Stouf­fers, Nabis­co, St. Ives and Amal. Beth’s pho­tographs have been pub­lished in many cook­books, and her work is occa­sion­al­ly fea­tured in exhi­bi­tions.

Sim­i­lar works can be seen in the selec­tion of mouth-water­ing cross-sec­tion­al sand­wich­es, but it’s bet­ter not to look at these pho­tos on an emp­ty stom­ach 🙂

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