Thou­sands of var­i­ous locks and locks are attached to the iron fence on the Hohen­zollern Bridge in Cologne. It was nick­named the bridge of love, this phe­nom­e­non orig­i­nat­ed from Italy, when lovers hung locks and closed them, there­by demon­strat­ing their love for each oth­er for­ev­er.
bridge of lovers in cologne

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The tra­di­tion of love locks has been around for quite a long time, although there are no reli­able sources of its ori­gin. In Europe, love cas­tles began to appear in the ear­ly 2000s, and in Rus­sia they even built a spe­cial love bridge in Moscow
bridge in cologne
The love locks were crit­i­cized by the city author­i­ties, the may­or of Cologne even want­ed to demol­ish them from the bridge, but even­tu­al­ly relent­ed in the face of pub­lic oppo­si­tion. There is also a bridge of lovers in Kyiv, where the peo­ple of Kyiv in love for­ev­er bind them­selves with the mys­te­ri­ous bonds of a snapped lock
bridge of lovers
Near the Hohen­zollern Bridge is one of the most rec­og­niz­able sights of Cologne — the famous Cologne Cathe­dral, built in the Goth­ic style.
Cologne Cathedral
bridge of lovers in cologne

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