Ani­mals are a good exam­ple for us, espe­cial­ly in friend­ship. Often we can­not under­stand how two such dif­fer­ent ani­mals could get along togeth­er, because they do not fit togeth­er at all, but they break all stereo­types, caus­ing us sur­prise and delight. These ani­mals deserve praise and care, because, hav­ing sur­vived so many tri­als, they found each oth­er and now they are doing well.

This dog was res­cued at sev­en weeks old by Duluth Ani­mal Hos­pi­tal and in case you haven’t noticed, he only has two legs.

Now meet Pen­ny the fluffy chick­en. she was res­cued by the same ani­mal hos­pi­tal at nine weeks old.

The hos­pi­tal staff did a great job res­cu­ing and tak­ing care of these two.

And in the same hos­pi­tal they met and instant­ly became best friends! They spend their time togeth­er, every day insep­a­ra­bly from each oth­er.

They enjoy fool­ing around togeth­er and pos­ing for the cam­era.

After they take a show­er, they dry togeth­er, and the dog licks the chick­en.

They real­ly do every­thing togeth­er, walk­ing in the snow is no excep­tion. Sim­i­lar exam­ples of friend­ship between ani­mals have been repeat­ed­ly men­tioned in oth­er arti­cles.

Also check out the arti­cle on cats and their friends for some more great exam­ples of unusu­al friend­ships.

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