With the cur­rent capa­bil­i­ties of Pho­to­shop, it can be dif­fi­cult to tell if a cool pic­ture post­ed on the Inter­net is real or fake. Every year, hun­dreds of pho­tos go viral on the Inter­net, and in most cas­es we have doubts about the authen­tic­i­ty of these pic­tures. This col­lec­tion con­tains sev­er­al dozens of real pic­tures that have been glo­ri­fied thanks to the Inter­net. In most cas­es, the pho­tographs have sparked an inter­net debate over their ori­gins. But make no mis­take, all the pic­tures depict real events, but some have false back­sto­ries. Either way, these shots will lift your spir­its and make you smile.

cool pictures

Chimpanzee and tiger

Anyana is a chim­panzee who lives with tigers at the Endan­gered and Rare Species Insti­tute in South Car­oli­na. While still young, Anyana began to help the care­tak­er take care of small ani­mals sep­a­rat­ed from their fam­i­lies. In 2008, her sto­ry was report­ed by news out­lets around the world, and this pic­ture of a chim­panzee with a white tiger cub became very pop­u­lar. Anyana act­ed as a sur­ro­gate moth­er for leop­ards, lions, orang­utans and white tigers. She gives them a bot­tle of food and lies with the cubs. When ani­mals take care of each oth­er, you always get very cool pic­tures that cheer you up and inspire faith in life.

Sleep in heaven

This pic­ture is not the result of Pho­to­shop, but a suc­cess­ful play of shad­ows and reflec­tions. It seems as if the girl is float­ing in the sky. In fact, she lies on the pave­ment, wet after the rain, and the pho­tog­ra­ph­er sim­ply chose a good angle.

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Eclipse over Bangkok

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon pass­es between the Earth and the Sun, com­plete­ly or par­tial­ly block­ing the light from the Sun. The solar eclipse of Jan­u­ary 15, 2010 was an annu­lar eclipse, with the moon appear­ing small­er in diam­e­ter than the Sun, mak­ing it look like a ring. It was the longest annu­lar solar eclipse of the mil­len­ni­um and will not recur until Decem­ber 23, 3043, with a max­i­mum dura­tion of 11 min­utes. Imme­di­ate­ly after this event, thou­sands of pic­tures of the phe­nom­e­non appeared, some of which went viral. This image was tak­en in Bangkok, Thai­land.

picture collage

At the first acquain­tance it is very dif­fi­cult to fig­ure out what is real­ly hap­pen­ing in this pho­to. This cool pic­ture is a col­lage tak­en through a spe­cial mir­ror. On the left side there is actu­al­ly a mir­ror, and on the right side there is a sim­ple trans­par­ent glass. On the oppo­site side is anoth­er girl. Is it real­ly fun­ny?

Bear and Husky

Nor­bert Ros­ing is a Ger­man ani­mal pho­tog­ra­ph­er whose work is fea­tured fre­quent­ly in Nation­al Geo­graph­ic mag­a­zine. Ros­ing trav­els reg­u­lar­ly to the west coast of Canada’s Hud­son Bay to pho­to­graph polar bears. In 2006, Ros­ing pho­tographed the scene of a polar bear play­ing with a husky sled dog. Ini­tial­ly, he thought the bear was about to attack, but was sur­prised to see these ani­mals play. Pic­tures with the friend­ship of ani­mals always evoke spe­cial ten­der­ness …

Fountain faucet

This pic­ture looks like a pho­to mon­tage, but it’s actu­al­ly a mag­i­cal foun­tain, where a trans­par­ent pipe is hid­den in a stream of water. This foun­tain has been pre­vi­ous­ly fea­tured on Life­Globe and is locat­ed in Spain.

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pink dolphin

This pos­i­tive and fun­ny pic­ture of a pink white bot­tlenose dol­phin flew around the world in 2007. The pho­to­graph was tak­en in brack­ish Lake Cal­casieu, in south­west­ern Louisiana, USA. This case is very rare as it is only the third record­ed shot of a white bot­tlenose dol­phin in the Gulf of Mex­i­co and the four­teenth world­wide.

Blurred picture

It looks like a blur­ry pic­ture from Pho­to­shop, but in fact, this is a life-size pho­to­graph of the orig­i­nal build­ing in Paris. The build­ing was ren­o­vat­ed in this way dur­ing 2007. The project is called “39GeorgeV”, an urban man­i­festo of sur­re­al­ism.

friendly whale

In 2009, cam­era­man Mar­co Ker­al took these incred­i­ble pho­tos while div­ing with a 50-foot female hump­back whale in the South Pacif­ic Ocean (near Hawaii). Ker­ala has spent 20 years of his life pho­tograph­ing whales. He says they are “very intel­li­gent, just like humans they have their own minds.” The most famous image in his col­lec­tion is a pic­ture of a man com­ing into con­tact with a giant whale, who gives him a hand. This pho­to became pop­u­lar in 2009.

Fly picture

This fun and cool pic­ture depicts the adven­tures of Mr. Fly. The only sad fact is that a dead fly was used to cre­ate the pho­to.


A zebroid is a cross between a zebra and any oth­er horse, and it is she who is depict­ed in this pic­ture. This indi­vid­ual is very unusu­al in col­or, because some peo­ple think that this is just a pho­to­shop. In fact, there are no effects here — this is a real ani­mal.

street sign

It would seem that what could be unusu­al in a sim­ple street sign? Look how fun­ny street art is shown in this pic­ture. With such road signs, dri­ving around the city would be much more fun. True, such pic­tures are ille­gal, as they can dis­tract dri­vers from the sit­u­a­tion on the road, which can lead to bad con­se­quences.

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Temple in Cambodia

This tem­ple in Cam­bo­dia looks more like a pic­ture from some adven­ture movie. But this is not at all a scenery for a movie, but a real place where the thou­sand-year his­to­ry of many gen­er­a­tions of peo­ple is pre­served.

flower carpet

Every year, the main square of Brus­sels is dec­o­rat­ed with such a mag­nif­i­cent car­pet of nat­ur­al flow­ers. This bright spec­ta­cle attracts many tourists who are mas­sive­ly pho­tographed against the back­drop of a flower mir­a­cle.

It was a sim­ple lit­tle selec­tion of cool pic­tures to cheer you up. Add your pho­tos to the com­ments and par­tic­i­pate in the dis­cus­sion. Thank you for your atten­tion!