These pho­tos of Mars will help you bet­ter under­stand all the prob­lems Matt Damon faced in The Mar­t­ian. The footage was tak­en by NASA astro­nauts and kind­ly made avail­able to the pub­lic. It was here that all the trag­ic events of the pop­u­lar film unfold­ed …

If you want to get a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the envi­ron­ment Matt Damon’s char­ac­ter found him­self in in the Hol­ly­wood block­buster ‘The Mar­t­ian’, then you can sim­ply look at these breath­tak­ing pho­tos of Mars. The images were tak­en by NASA’s Mars Recon­nais­sance Orbiter using the space­craft’s spe­cial tele­scop­ic cam­era. These pho­tographs depict many of the same places men­tioned in the 2011 nov­el and 2015 movie.

For exam­ple, some episodes of ‘The Mar­t­ian’ take place in the Aci­dalia Plani­tia and Schi­a­par­el­li crater. While the fic­tion­al ver­sion of the movie shows the south­ern Aci­dalia Plani­tia as com­plete­ly flat and nav­i­ga­ble, these pho­tos of Mars prove oth­er­wise. In fact, the land­scapes of these ter­ri­to­ries are quite com­plex, dot­ted with craters and cov­ered with boul­ders, rocky slopes and ancient vol­ca­noes. Mean­while, some craters have flat areas that could be used as a land­ing site for rovers. Life on Mars may appear with­in a few decades thanks to the Space X project.

Ulti­mate­ly, these pho­tos of Mars help us not only bet­ter under­stand the Hol­ly­wood block­buster, but also gain a fuller under­stand­ing of the fea­tures of the plan­et we may one day inhab­it. I also advise you to study the col­lec­tions of giant craters on the body of the Earth, where very inter­est­ing spec­i­mens are col­lect­ed.

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