Cre­ativ­i­ty is always unusu­al, and if cre­ative things are found in house­hold use, then this is even inter­est­ing. It’s nice to take it into your own hands and see in prac­tice how an unusu­al-look­ing thing works.

Thou­sands of design­ers in the world every day come up with new inter­est­ing fur­ni­ture, dish­es, lamps and oth­er acces­sories that make the house a home and allow the inhab­i­tant of this house to express his self, to con­vey to him a part of his soul. I sug­gest you get acquaint­ed with some of these things.

Pan­cake pil­lows. Amer­i­cans eat thick pan­cakes, stack­ing them up and dous­ing them gen­er­ous­ly with maple syrup. Designed by Todd van Bas­ti­aans & Bryan McCarthy.

Vase-head. Flow­ers placed in such a vase, invent­ed by Tania da Cruz, will depict a hair­style.

Fun­ny mul­ti-col­ored sock­ets will bring a lit­tle nov­el­ty to the every­day inte­ri­or.

Embossed rug. It is much more con­ve­nient to watch TV on it. Even sit­ting, even on the stom­ach — and the sofa is not need­ed.

Span­ish design­er Max­i­mo Riera has cre­at­ed a col­lec­tion of chairs in the form of wild ani­mals. These pieces of fur­ni­ture very accu­rate­ly repeat the appear­ance of rare ani­mals. Cur­rent­ly, the col­lec­tion includes chairs in the form of a wal­rus, a rhi­noc­er­os and an octo­pus.

Socia­ble chair. The set includes two chairs and lots and lots of soft sticks that you can use to cre­ate draw­ings. Design­er Lau­ra V?in?l?.

A clos­et that melts in front of your eyes.

Watchinspired by a paint­ing by Sal­vador Dali.

Bed-ham­burg­er. Few peo­ple refuse a mouth-water­ing ham­burg­er. Some even are real fans of this bun with a juicy cut­let inside. One such fan from Texas decid­ed to make a bed in the form of a giant burg­er. It’s all there — a sal­ad sheet, a cheese blan­ket, sauce and toma­to pil­lows, a round mat­tress in the form of a cut­let, a quilt on top — a ham­burg­er is ready.

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Unusu­al shape for ice.

This con­cept of the net­work port “Svin­tus” jus­ti­fies its name due to the sim­i­lar­i­ty of a pig’s snout and an elec­tri­cal out­let. The device is equipped with sev­en­teen such patch­es-sock­ets.

Stair­case-library. For those who have a lot of books, there is lit­tle space, but at the same time two floors of the house. Idea by Lev­i­tate Archi­tects, Lon­don.


Head­phones-light­ning, a won­der­ful solu­tion to the eter­nal tan­gle of wires from head­phones. This is a new con­cept of wires: designed as two halves of a zip­per, it sim­ply zips up and turns into one wire that is less tan­gled. Light­ning dog — head­phone remote con­trol.

Dan­de­lion lamp. You have to blow to turn it off.

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