Czech pho­tog­ra­ph­er Mar­tin Rak is deeply in love with the Czech Repub­lic, and specif­i­cal­ly with the inde­scrib­able fresh­ness and majesty of its nature. Through his works, he tries to con­vey at least part of the sen­sa­tions that he expe­ri­ences when stand­ing in the morn­ing on a pic­turesque hill and breath­ing in the fresh cool air…

Czech Switzerland by Martin Rak

Born and raised in Prague, Mar­tin turned 28 this year, but despite his rel­a­tive­ly young age, he has already achieved a lot in the field of cre­at­ing amaz­ing land­scape shots.

DawnThe mountains

Mar­tin received his first cam­era at the age of 6 — as a gift from his grand­fa­ther — and since then he has immersed him­self in this amaz­ing hob­by.


In 2007, the Czech’s dream came true — he bought his first “SLR” and in the same year pub­lished his first pro­fes­sion­al shots.


The favorite place of the pho­tog­ra­ph­er is still the area on the bor­der of the Czech Repub­lic and Ger­many, the so-called Bohemi­an Switzer­land — the Czech part of the Elbe Sand­stone Moun­tains, part of which the Ger­mans call Sax­on Switzer­land

Fogmountain vegetationCzech Switzerland

For the sake of unique shots, Mar­tin Rak gets up at dawn and climbs the moun­tain to cap­ture the sea of ​​clouds serene­ly rest­ing at his feet with the first rays of the sun.

RoadHeaven at your feetThe fog is clearingCzech Switzerland by Martin Rak

No less beau­ti­ful pho­tos can be found in the arti­cle Tran­quil Land­scapes by Simon Lenzi

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