Many lovers of romance do not even sus­pect that the most roman­tic lake in the world lies in the end­less Dubai desert. The lake of love in Dubai con­sists of two nar­row arti­fi­cial reser­voirs in the shape of inter­sect­ing hearts.

lake of love

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The word “Love” in large let­ters was cre­at­ed by land­scape design­ers using flow­er­ing plants. At the Lake of Love, swans, flamin­gos and koi fish can be seen swim­ming among the numer­ous heart-shaped sculp­tures and fra­grant veg­e­ta­tion.

heart shaped lake

Since its incep­tion in 2018, this body of water has become a pop­u­lar des­ti­na­tion for dates and mar­riage pro­pos­als. Vis­i­tors do not miss the chance to take pic­tures next to the heart sculp­tures among bright red flow­ers. Love Lake has large bench­es that are per­fect for cou­ples. It is com­fort­able to sit in an embrace and enjoy the scenery. Sep­a­rate­ly, it is worth men­tion­ing the track for run­ners who want to run in the shape of a heart.

The most out­stand­ing view of this man-made mir­a­cle opens from a bird’s eye view. A heli­copter tour is one of the best ways to see the design of the project in the shape of two hearts. Since the attrac­tion is rel­a­tive­ly new, there are no shops or food out­lets in the area. Vis­i­tors are advised to bring food and water with them. There are plans to open a restau­rant here in the future.


Tourists are allowed to swim in the Lake of Love. Some more advanced trav­el­ers even take a heart-shaped swim along the entire length of the reser­voir.

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No roman­tic des­ti­na­tion is com­plete with­out a breath­tak­ing sun­set. Lovers from all over the world admire the sky in orange-red col­ors, which seems even more vivid because of the end­less light sand around the Lake of Love.

lake in dubai

If you are look­ing for the per­fect roman­tic get­away, for­get about Italy and France. The mon­u­ment of true love blooms in the hot desert, where a pic­turesque lake has been cre­at­ed in the midst of a bloom­ing gar­den with great effort. Trav­el­ing to the heart-shaped oasis is sure to make your heart beat faster.

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