Tens of thou­sands of vehi­cles dam­aged by Hur­ri­cane Sandy are tem­porar­i­ly stored on run­ways and taxi­ways at Calver­ton Air­field, New York. These cars have been restored, processed and pre­served by Auto Insur­ance Auc­tions, which spe­cial­izes in deal­ing with this kind of cas­es. The com­pa­ny has entered into a deal with the City of River­head to lease the air­port’s land, after which all cars will be auc­tioned off online.

damaged car parking

The cars dam­aged by Hur­ri­cane Sandy here stretched over more than two run­ways, for 2 and 3 kilo­me­ters, respec­tive­ly. The first site leased by IAA cov­ers 54 acres (22 hectares), but the com­pa­ny lat­er expand­ed the area to almost dou­ble. IAA is able to lease the run­ways because the air­port only opens dur­ing the sum­mer. The run­ways start­ed fill­ing up as ear­ly as late Novem­ber, but should be cleared by April, when the run­way opens for its intend­ed pur­pose.

damaged cars

The IAA is get­ting rid of vehi­cles at bar­gain prices, such as $2,025 for a once-vir­tu­al­ly new 2012 Jeep Grand Chero­kee. The auc­tion takes place in Long Island, Med­ford, and buy­ers typ­i­cal­ly have three to five days to pick up the restored car from the air­port run­ways.

hurricane sandy and cars
Super­storm Sandy was one of the worst storms to hit the US East Coast for sev­er­al days in late Octo­ber. More than 110 peo­ple died, the New York City sub­way sys­tem was flood­ed, and pow­er was cut off for hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple. Insur­ance com­pa­nies have paid out more than $25 bil­lion in com­pen­sa­tion.

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