Graf­fi­ti has long been con­sid­ered a part of every­day life. Mod­ern graf­fi­ti chal­lenges soci­ety and its stan­dards. The gov­ern­ments of many coun­tries treat this art as a seri­ous trou­ble and dan­ger. There are hun­dreds of tal­ent­ed artists who are hap­py to demon­strate their work to the view­er as a reac­tion to ongo­ing events both with­in their coun­try and abroad. Avoid­ing prob­lems with the author­i­ties, such artists, as a rule, remain anony­mous. This move makes them very pop­u­lar.

global graffiti


These rather con­tro­ver­sial but inter­est­ing yel­low fists can be seen all over Istan­bul, Turkey. What­ev­er the mes­sage of this artist, it is unequiv­o­cal­ly clear that these works are intend­ed to raise the view­er’s curios­i­ty.

global graffiti


Sicboy is an artist orig­i­nal­ly from Bris­tol who moved to Lon­don in 2007. Most of his work can be found in the east, in the Ende area of ​​Lon­don. He is a fine art stu­dent and sev­er­al of his paint­ings have been sold for over £50,000. He has every chance to add to the list of the great­est street artists in the world.


Blue is an Ital­ian artist from Bologna. His work can be seen on the sides of the hous­es. His work depicts sar­casm and com­e­dy.


D*Face is an artist from Lon­don who cre­ates absurd works that usu­al­ly con­tain wings, famous peo­ple, fic­tion­al char­ac­ters, and many oth­er ele­ments that make his work more inter­est­ing in the eyes of the view­er.

Cyclops and Sweet Toof

This duo includes Eng­lish and French artists who work togeth­er to bring their ideas to life. Their work can be seen in sub­way cars, con­struc­tion sites, and many oth­er objects.

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Sidron’s work is deeply imbued with feel­ings of social unrest, con­cern for glob­al prob­lems, despite this, the char­ac­ters por­trayed by this artist are like com­ic book heroes.

And final­ly, Banksy is the most famous graf­fi­ti artist.