Guin­ness World Records has launched the lat­est edi­tion of its best­selling book doc­u­ment­ing glob­al suc­cess­es and achieve­ments, includ­ing new entries from 2013. Among the lat­est achieve­ments are the small­est bull, the old­est gym­nast and the low­est car ever. The 57 ver­sion of one of the world’s most pop­u­lar ref­er­ence books also doc­u­ment­ed the heav­i­est female ath­lete, the mass climb of Mount Ever­est, and the tallest dog.

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Pub­lished in 22 lan­guages ​​in over 100 coun­tries, the 2013 Guin­ness World Records is expect­ed to sell approx­i­mate­ly 3 mil­lion copies. In this com­pi­la­tion you will learn about some of the new entries and records added this year. Let’s start with the largest bicep, which belongs to Mustafa Ismail from Egypt. The biceps of his left arm in a bent posi­tion reach­es 64.77 cen­time­ters in girth, and in a straight­ened posi­tion — 62.23 cen­time­ters. Mea­sure­ments were tak­en in Franklin, Mass­a­chu­setts, USA.

guinness book of records 2013
The heav­i­est ath­lete is a sumo wrestler — Sher­ran Alexan­der from Lon­don, UK. Her weight at the time of mea­sure­ment is 203.21 kilo­grams.

The tallest mohawk in height reach­es 113.5 cen­time­ters and belongs to Kazuhi­ro Watan­abe from Japan. The length was mea­sured in one of Toky­o’s bar­ber­shops.

The old­est gym­nast is Joan­na Kuaas (Novem­ber 20, 1925, Ger­many). At 86, she reg­u­lar­ly com­petes at the local lev­el in Sax­ony, Ger­many.

The tallest dog, a Great Dane from the USA named Zeus. Its height is 1.118 meters and belongs to Zeus Deniz Durlag from Michi­gan. He took over the sta­tus of the tallest dog from the pre­vi­ous record hold­er — Great Dane named Giant George, which we wrote about ear­li­er.

The tallest liv­ing horse is Big Jake. A nine-year-old Bel­gian stal­lion liv­ing at Smokey Hol­low Farm in Wis­con­sin, USA.

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The short­est bull is Archie, a 16-month-old bull from North­ern Ire­land. Its height is only 76.2 cen­time­ters from hoof to with­ers.

The tallest liv­ing don­key is Okla­homa Sam, a four-year-old Amer­i­can don­key at 155.45 cen­time­ters tall. The ani­mal belongs to Lin­da Davis of Wat­sonville, Cal­i­for­nia, USA.

The heav­i­est func­tion­ing bicy­cle weighs 750 kilo­grams. It was built by Woeter van den Bosch from the Nether­lands.

The largest col­lec­tion of Bar­bie dolls, which we also recent­ly wrote about, belongs to Bet­ti­na Dorf­man from Ger­many. She owns about 15,000 dif­fer­ent Bar­bie dolls, which she has been col­lect­ing since 1993.

The largest col­lec­tion of Hel­lo Kit­ty acces­sories is in the pos­ses­sion of Asako Kan­da from Japan. It has 4519 dif­fer­ent types of Hel­lo Kit­ty.

The youngest pro­fes­sion­al drum­mer is Julian Payvon from the USA, born May 19, 2004.

Well, the largest drum set con­sists of 340 parts and belongs to Dr. Mark Tem­per­a­to from Lakeville, USA. The rig own­er plays in his own band and trans­ports the rig in a cus­tom made trail­er. Read also about oth­er unusu­al musi­cal instru­ments in our sep­a­rate selec­tion.

Got into the Guin­ness Book of Records 2013 and a jug­gler named Alex Bar­ron from the UK. He jug­gled 11 balls at the same time and made 23 con­sec­u­tive throws.

The largest truck body belongs to the West­ech T282C min­ing machine. Its body vol­ume is 470.4 cubic meters. The truck was designed and man­u­fac­tured by WESTECH. This machine works at the North Ante­lope Rochelle mine in Wyoming.

And final­ly, the largest hot dog, 16 inch­es long, was sold in Chica­go and cost almost $40.

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This is not the end of the sto­ry of the Guin­ness Book of Records. In con­tin­u­a­tion, I advise you to also vis­it an inter­est­ing selec­tion of unusu­al Guin­ness records, which includes many orig­i­nal achieve­ments from dif­fer­ent peri­ods.