In the­o­ry, the mohawk is a hair­style that is very dif­fi­cult not to notice. How­ev­er, a way has recent­ly been found to make this hair­style even more eye-catch­ing. Iro­quois in this case acts as an area for adver­tis­ing, which is applied by spray paint and attracts a large num­ber of peo­ple.

31-year-old GAZ (real name Josey Gas­mi), from Pom­pano Beach, Flori­da, has been a Mohawk fan for years. But it was only a year ago that he dis­cov­ered inter­est­ing ways to improve his catchy hair­style. The point is not only in improv­ing the hair­style, but also in earn­ing mon­ey through such an unusu­al idea.

It all start­ed with the fact that a friend asked GAZ to spread the word about the upcom­ing par­ty in hon­or of his birth­day and at that moment the idea was born to adver­tise the event on his hair. This unusu­al idea was a great suc­cess.

Sub­se­quent­ly, the ser­vices of Gas were used not only by friends, but also by com­pa­nies, among which the com­pa­ny-send Mohawk, Mia­mi Heat and Flori­da Pan­thers, such an unusu­al mar­ket­ing move attracts many new cus­tomers.

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