Con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists who believe in aliens are usu­al­ly seen as an extreme­ly eccen­tric group of peo­ple wear­ing tin­foil on their heads. Sto­ries about aliens range from the taboo to the ridicu­lous, and reports of aliens emerge every day from dif­fer­ent cor­ners of the world. Over the past few decades, espe­cial­ly in the six­ties and sev­en­ties, there have been innu­mer­able books, TV pro­grams, doc­u­men­taries and even gov­ern­ment research papers inves­ti­gat­ing UFOs. This arti­cle brings togeth­er ten of the most famous his­tor­i­cal evi­dence for the exis­tence of aliens. These voic­es of the past could tell us a lot if we hear them right. If aliens real­ly exist, then these objects prove that they have been watch­ing and inter­act­ing with us for many thou­sands of years.

aliens and stonehenge

Pyramids of Giza

While all reli­able his­tor­i­cal evi­dence tells us that the pyra­mids were built by slaves, their loca­tion leads many the­o­rists to build oth­er the­o­ries. The pyra­mids are locat­ed at the meet­ing point of the longest merid­i­ans of lat­i­tude and lon­gi­tude. Con­sid­er­ing that the Egypt­ian pyra­mids were built in the days before peo­ple knew about the shape of the Earth, how could the Egyp­tians have placed the pyra­mids at this point? Was it an acci­dent, or the help of an extrater­res­tri­al civ­i­liza­tion?


Mahab­hara­ta and Ramayana are ancient Indi­an epics that depict a great bat­tle in the sky. It involved mys­te­ri­ous air­craft called vimana. They were equipped with weapons sim­i­lar to a nuclear bomb. It was so pow­er­ful that it could well have extrater­res­tri­al ori­gin. Per­haps the ancient authors were try­ing to sym­bol­ize thun­der and light­ning in this way, or in fact there was an alien inter­ven­tion so epic that it was writ­ten about in many books.

Pakal’s sarcophagus

Pacal the Great was a famous ruler of the city of Palenque in the sev­enth cen­tu­ry. When he died, accord­ing to cul­ture, he was buried in the Tem­ple of the Inscrip­tions, in a very mys­te­ri­ous sar­coph­a­gus. This sar­coph­a­gus has become one of the most impor­tant pieces of research in Mayan art, as well as one of the strongest evi­dence for the exis­tence of aliens. Pro­po­nents of UFO the­o­ries believe that Pacal is depict­ed tak­ing off in a space­ship, with an oxy­gen tube in his mouth.
sarcophagus of pacal

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Puma Punku

Puma Punku is locat­ed in moun­tain­ous Bolivia and con­sists of many giant blocks on which all kinds of paint­ings are intri­cate­ly carved. Blocks are over a thou­sand years old, but at that time there were no tools need­ed to achieve such mas­tery. This leads con­spir­a­cy the­o­rists to think of two pos­si­bil­i­ties. Either the aliens gave the tools and trained peo­ple, or they them­selves cre­at­ed the Puma Punku stones.
puma punku

Nazca lines

It is believed that the Naz­ca Lines were cre­at­ed by the Naz­ca peo­ple of Peru, who lived in this area from about 300 BC to 800 AD. e. These lines are a series of gigan­tic geo­met­ric shapes and ani­mals that can only be seen from a great height. This is the point of con­tention: what were the lines used for? They were cre­at­ed long before the inven­tion of avi­a­tion, and dur­ing ancient Mayan times there were no air­planes. Per­haps these lines were made for the flight of any objects, and per­haps even for their land­ing? In any case, many peo­ple men­tion the Naz­ca Lines as proof of the exis­tence of aliens.

Sumerian civilization

The ancient Sume­ri­ans believed that they were descend­ed from the alien civ­i­liza­tion of the Annuka­ki, who arrived on Earth from dis­tant plan­ets and stars in order to mine gold. Accord­ing to the Sumer­ian belief, the Annuka­ki need­ed work­ers for the pre­cious met­al, which is why the Sume­ri­ans were cre­at­ed. One has to won­der what inspired the ancient Sume­ri­ans to come up with this sto­ry? Is it pos­si­ble that a real encounter with aliens had such an impact on their faith?

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Madonna with Saint Giovannino

Madon­na with Saint Gio­van­ni­no, one of the most famous works of art that sup­ports the idea of ​​the exis­tence of extrater­res­tri­als. The paint­ing dates back to the 15th cen­tu­ry and was paint­ed by Domeni­co Ghirlandaio. In the pic­ture we see the Vir­gin Mary, and in the back­ground a man look­ing into the sky. He is look­ing at a fly­ing object that looks strik­ing­ly sim­i­lar to the UFO as it is imag­ined today. This rais­es the ques­tion as to whether Ghirlandaio paint­ed some­thing extra­or­di­nary, or some­thing famil­iar to astronomers of that time?
madonna and giovanino

Moai statues on Easter Island

Moai — 887 giant stat­ues of peo­ple with large heads that guard the coast­line of East­er Island. These stones are approx­i­mate­ly 500 years old, weigh more than 14 tons, and rise up to 5 meters. Con­sid­er­ing how heavy these objects are, as well as their excel­lent exe­cu­tion and strate­gic place­ment, his­to­ri­ans are baf­fled as to the ori­gin of these giants. UFO the­o­rists believe that the ancient peo­ple who processed these stones used the help of aliens. Or per­haps the Moai stat­ues were built by the aliens them­selves, who want­ed to leave their mark on Earth. Moai are one of those mys­te­ri­ous objects whose his­to­ry we may nev­er know.
statues on easter island


Stone­henge has remained a mys­tery for thou­sands of years. Giv­en the loca­tion of these large stones, his­to­ri­ans and engi­neers have been scratch­ing their heads for decades try­ing to fig­ure out not only how these stones got to their loca­tion, but also how the Neolith­ic peo­ple 5,000 years ago knew where to place them. And they are placed in such a way that they are in per­fect bal­ance with the sun and moon. Wild the­o­ries have been put for­ward over the years, includ­ing alien inter­fer­ence. Many believe that aliens helped ancient peo­ple and taught them about astron­o­my and under­stand­ing of the uni­verse around them. But in Sep­tem­ber 2014, researchers at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Birm­ing­ham uncov­ered new infor­ma­tion about the mys­te­ri­ous struc­tures: an entire under­ground net­work of shrines, ancient bur­ial sites and rit­u­al struc­tures was found near­by and is being inves­ti­gat­ed. Thus, Stone­henge can also be attrib­uted to evi­dence of the exis­tence of aliens. These are some of the great­est mys­ter­ies still unsolved to this day.

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The Bible and Aliens

The Bible is con­sid­ered one of the old­est texts in the world. While it is high­ly regard­ed due to its reli­gious over­tones, schol­ars and researchers have tried to test how the his­to­ry of the bible lines up with the time­line of the world. In the book of Ezekiel, the prophet describes a fiery char­i­ot in the sky, dri­ven by “cheru­bim” and flick­er­ing with flash­es. There is some sim­i­lar evi­dence for the exis­tence of aliens in the book of Rev­e­la­tion, Deuteron­o­my, and a few oth­ers. Are ‘angels’ real­ly an alien life form? Reli­gious peo­ple are like­ly to reject this idea, but UFO researchers strong­ly believe in it.

bible and aliens