If you live in the city cen­ter and can­not live with­out your bicy­cle, then you have prob­a­bly already encoun­tered the prob­lem of stor­ing it in your apart­ment. In a small space, there is often sim­ply no place to put the bike after a ride. Leav­ing it in the stair­well can be dan­ger­ous, as the bike can be eas­i­ly stolen. Bicy­cle stor­age solu­tions are con­stant­ly improv­ing in design and becom­ing more con­ve­nient. This method will help you make the most of every inch of space in your small apart­ment, while avoid­ing the prob­lem of bike theft that is so com­mon all over the world.

The Very Nice bike rack puts your pre­cious bike in the spot­light while sav­ing space.

The bike rack is ide­al for urban cyclists who nev­er have enough space in their apart­ments to store their two-wheeled friend. Or for those peo­ple who love their bike so much that they always try to be near it, plac­ing it in the most promi­nent place in the house. Either way, this solu­tion pro­vides a great way to fix both prob­lems.

Designed by Cal­i­for­nia design­er Daniel Bal­lou, the stand comes in two ver­sions. Both are made of wood and are attached to the wall. One rack allows the bike to hang on the wall like a paint­ing, while the oth­er mounts to the base of the wall. Sim­ple and min­i­mal­ist, the rack will be a great option for a styl­ish apart­ment, direct­ly han­dling its main func­tion — bike stor­age.

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