In the sum­mer, you want to go on vaca­tion inex­pen­sive­ly and with high qual­i­ty: have a good time, relax your soul and body, and most impor­tant­ly — bring back a sea of ​​impres­sions. How to trav­el on a bud­get?


We have pre­pared tips that will help you trav­el eco­nom­i­cal­ly, and we also learned from the famous TV pre­sen­ter Timur Mirosh­nichenko how he man­ages to save on trav­el and have a great vaca­tion.

5 ways to save on travel

So how do you save on vaca­tion and get a cool trip every time? Here are five proven life hacks.

1. Raise the price out of season

It is best to plan a trip before or after the sea­son in the desired loca­tion. Then you will enjoy the trip much more. First­ly, there will not be a sea of ​​vaca­tion­ers, no one will show off their elbows in cool pho­to loca­tions and spoil your pho­to. And sec­ond­ly, it will be much cheap­er to rest: prices will drop sig­nif­i­cant­ly when the sea­son ends.

2. Do not travel on holidays

On hol­i­days, you can fly in a pen­ny while trav­el­ing. This applies main­ly to well-known loca­tions. So, for exam­ple, in Venice and Rio de Janeiro, prices for every­thing will jump sharply dur­ing the car­ni­val peri­od. Also, there will be no places in hotels, and you can’t count on a qui­et and cool vaca­tion. Of course, if you are not going specif­i­cal­ly to see the car­ni­val.

3. Learn everything at home

In order to reduce the num­ber of unjus­ti­fied and unex­pect­ed expens­es on vaca­tion, it is worth Googling every­thing before depar­ture:

  • where to eat
  • where to go on an excur­sion
  • which beach to rest on
  • which taxi to use
  • are there cool pro­mo­tions,
  • where to stay
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Every­thing that can be learned — be sure to learn. So, for exam­ple, you can get into the Lou­vre for free every Sun­day. On var­i­ous com­mem­o­ra­tive days, muse­ums around the world have free days, or days when the pas­sage is free. Googled it before leav­ing.


4. Do not buy souvenirs

Mag­nets, var­i­ous sou­venirs are just junk that pol­lutes your home. It is a pity to throw it away, it stands and col­lects dust.

If you want to bring some­thing cool with you, take a film cam­era, sev­er­al rolls of film and take pho­tos that you will be able to devel­op only after your vaca­tion.

5. Talk to the locals

Don’t ignore the locals, because they can tell you a lot more about your home than Google knows. So, for exam­ple, you can sig­nif­i­cant­ly save on var­i­ous excur­sions, food and even hous­ing. And how many new acquain­tances you can get!

Advice from Timur Miroshnichenko: how to go on vacation inexpensively

The pre­sen­ter of the “Your Day” project on the 1+1 chan­nel shared a life hack that will appeal to every­one who wants to go on vaca­tion inex­pen­sive­ly and have a great time.


We are lucky to live in Ukraine. Because you can trav­el from almost any point of our coun­try for a com­fort­able peri­od of time, in many direc­tions, on good cov­er­age. At least these main direc­tions are already more or less accept­able for trav­el. For exam­ple, by car it is very con­ve­nient and fast to go in any direc­tion and find some­thing inter­est­ing every­where. First of all, you need to choose which vaca­tion or week­end you like. If you go for a walk, there are hun­dreds of such places in Ukraine.

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For exam­ple, we were recent­ly with friends in Tere­bovla. A very inter­est­ing place in the Ternopil region. You can walk there for a day or a day, you can come for the week­end and see the town itself. Go a lit­tle fur­ther, see our famous rail­way Ple­banovsky viaduct, near which every­one takes pic­tures. Raju, when you are near, you will def­i­nite­ly pass by it. The road is very beau­ti­ful and it is con­ve­nient to get there.

If you have more of a crav­ing for moun­tains, then you should go to the Carpathi­ans — again, in any direc­tion: whether it is in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, or in Lviv, or even in Cher­nivt­si, or in Zakarpat­tia. Every­where you can find very inter­est­ing routes for 2–3 days if you go by car.

You can climb with tents along the Chornohirsky ridge. There are amaz­ing views that take your breath away. The most impor­tant thing is to just pick up and go. And to under­stand that, for exam­ple, if you are trav­el­ing with more than two peo­ple, it will def­i­nite­ly be cheap­er and more con­ve­nient to go by pri­vate car. And less bind­ing to some sched­ule, and more oppor­tu­ni­ties to stop else­where. If you are trav­el­ing, for exam­ple, with two peo­ple, it may still be more eco­nom­i­cal to trav­el by train. That is, you need to choose the for­mat for your­self first of all: you go togeth­er, alone, with friends, with chil­dren — and choose the most com­fort­able routes, and we have many such routes in Ukraine.