Yel­low water­fall can be seen in Chi­na — Huk­ou Falls along the Yel­low Riv­er is the world’s largest yel­low water­fall. In addi­tion to rivers, water­falls can also be found on ice shelves or ice­bergs when melt­wa­ter flows along the edge of a struc­ture. In sev­er­al areas, water­falls can only occur dur­ing the rainy sea­sons, or dur­ing heavy snowmelt. The depth and width of the falls vary from one region to anoth­er main­ly due to the geol­o­gy and the amount of run­ning water.

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Places like Vic­to­ria Falls attract a large num­ber of tourists because of their unique beau­ty. Huk­ou Falls is one of the unique ones due to the fact that it is the largest yel­low water­fall in the world. Because of its size, Huk­ou is often con­sid­ered the only yel­low water­fall in the world, but there are oth­ers, includ­ing Bal­i’s Dusun Kun­ing.

Dimensions of Hukou Falls

Huk­ou Falls is the sec­ond largest water­fall in Chi­na and is usu­al­ly about 30 meters wide before the start of the flood sea­son. After the start of the flood sea­son, the width of the water­fall increas­es to about 50 meters. Huk­ou Falls is locat­ed on Chi­na’s Yel­low Riv­er and is the largest water­fall along the riv­er. The Huk­ou is formed when the Yel­low Riv­er flows between the Huk­ou Moun­tains. Moun­tains lim­it the path of the riv­er, reduc­ing its width to a very small size. Due to the reduced width, the speed of the water in the riv­er increas­es dra­mat­i­cal­ly. The water of the riv­er flows at high speed over a small hole in the rock.hukou in china

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Hukou waterfall name

The word Huk­ou means “teapot neck”, refer­ring to the unique loca­tion of the falls. When water flows through a nar­row gorge, it looks like boil­ing water flow­ing out of a ket­tle. When the water­fall reach­es the ground, it lifts into the air a huge water mist, rem­i­nis­cent of steam from a ket­tle. Because of the great sim­i­lar­i­ty between the water­fall and the teapot, the water­fall got its name Huk­ Hukou

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The waters of the Huk­ou Falls are yel­low in col­or due to the high rain­fall in the Yel­low Riv­er. Research by Rice Uni­ver­si­ty shows that the Yel­low Riv­er car­ries near­ly 20 times more pre­cip­i­ta­tion, includ­ing about 1.6 bil­lion tons of silt per year. Near­ly 95% of the river’s ener­gy is avail­able to car­ry sed­i­ment down­stream, unlike oth­er rivers such as the Ama­zon or the Mis­sis­sip­pi which use 40 to 60% of their ener­gy. The deposits usu­al­ly cov­er vast dis­tances due to their small size.yellow waterfall

Tourism along Hukou

Huk­ou Falls is con­sid­ered one of the best tourist des­ti­na­tions in Chi­na due to its unique col­or and size. In 1991, the water­fall was list­ed as one of the 40 places to vis­it in Chi­na. Tourism com­pa­ny data shows that Huk­ou Falls receives more than 100,000 vis­i­tors annu­al­ly. Tourists main­ly vis­it this place from April to May, and from Sep­tem­ber to Novem­ber.