Life­Globe read­ers have a unique oppor­tu­ni­ty to vis­it ten unique under­ground rivers and lakes of our plan­et! So go ahead! Although it would prob­a­bly be more accu­rate to say “down” =)

Incredible underground rivers and lakes

Deep under­ground, where the sun’s rays rarely pen­e­trate, there is an end­less world of under­ground caves, flu­o­res­cent insects, pre­cious stones and lime­stone sculp­tures — lands inhab­it­ed by nature alone. Here you can see com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent land­scapes, dif­fer­ent from those famil­iar to our eyes: under­ground lakes are in com­plete peace and look like end­less dark mir­rors, cave net­works know no bound­aries, and rivers and streams con­stant­ly carve more and more new pas­sages and halls with a unique land­scape in stone. …


So, the first on our list is the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, Chi­na, equipped with a unique neon light­ing that turns an already unfor­get­table sight into a real fairy tale.

Reed Flute Cave

Now we will go to the UK, name­ly to the Ched­dar Gorge, whose amaz­ing caves with under­ground rivers and lakes annu­al­ly attract a huge num­ber of tourists.

cheddar gorge

The Hamil­ton Pool was once hid­den under a dense stone dome, but nature decid­ed to change its appear­ance a lit­tle, as a result of which today in the state of Texas there is such an amaz­ing body of water.

Hamilton Basin

In anoth­er North Amer­i­can state — Vir­ginia — there are amaz­ing Luray caves with motion­less mir­ror lakes, the reflec­tion of sta­lac­tites in which cre­ates an inde­scrib­able impres­sion of the unre­al­i­ty of the sur­round­ing land­scapes.

Lurey Cave

The next amaz­ing cave with an under­ground riv­er is locat­ed in Eng­land. It has an inter­est­ing name Wookey Hole and is dis­tin­guished by fab­u­lous “inte­ri­ors” and an inter­est­ing his­to­ry.

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Wookey Hole Cave

Now let’s move to Greece, on one of the islands of which there is a unique cave of Melis­sani, where, accord­ing to leg­end, nymphs once lived. The high walls of the cave “pro­tect” the turquoise waters of the lake of the same name from heat and wind. How­ev­er, it is still not pos­si­ble to save them from tourists)

Lake Melisani

The next cave on our list is Lechugia Cave, which is again in the USA and ranks sixth in the world in terms of the length of inter­nal pas­sages and gal­leries. Of course, inside is full of pic­turesque under­ground lakes and pas­sages)

Lechugia Cave

Anoth­er under­ground lake is locat­ed on the Yucatan Penin­su­la and is called Macan Che. Accord­ing to the leg­ends of the Mayan Indi­ans, they received this lake as a gift from the gods them­selves, as a result of which it was con­sid­ered sacred.

Makan Che

The Jei­ta Grot­to in Lebanon also has a beau­ti­ful under­ground riv­er where you can go boat­ing. It con­sists of two caves with a total length of 9 kilo­me­ters and is locat­ed 18 kilo­me­ters from Beirut, in the Nahra al-Kal­ba val­ley, and this same riv­er sup­plies water to more than a mil­lion Lebanese

Jeit's Grotto

Anoth­er incred­i­ble riv­er flows through the canyon she cut at the bot­tom of the Škoc­jan Caves in Slove­nia

Anoth­er cave, Ali Sadr in Iran, is the world’s largest water cave, attract­ing mil­lions of vis­i­tors every year with guid­ed cata­ma­ran tours.

Ali Sadr Cave

Poland also has inter­est­ing under­ground lakes, such as the Wielicz­ka Salt Mine, the most famous struc­ture of its kind in Europe.


A lime­stone “water­fall” that falls into the next lake, this time in Mex­i­co, makes the cave look like some kind of pet­ri­fied palace of the Snow Queen

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limestone waterfall

The last lake in our selec­tion is locat­ed in Banff, Cana­da. And it got here because of its appear­ance, caus­ing a dumb ques­tion: “Could such a small water­fall cre­ate such a huge reser­voir?”