King Arthur’s Sword is the tallest rock climb­ing wall in the green plains of Gronin­gen in the Nether­lands.
king arthur sword

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This wall ris­es 40 meters in height, even begin­ners are not allowed to come close here. Expe­ri­enced climbers will appre­ci­ate Excal­ibur because it is a won­der­ful nat­ur­al alter­na­tive to any rock. “King Arthur’s sword curves quite a lot, which makes it extreme­ly dif­fi­cult for every climber, not every­one can get to the top here.

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It is on such dif­fi­cult train­ing walls that climbers pre­pare before climb­ing dif­fi­cult peaks, for exam­ple, Mount Mat­ter­horn in Switzer­land, which was recent­ly writ­ten about here

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