In this col­lec­tion, you will find ten of the most beau­ti­ful places worth vis­it­ing in Mex­i­co. This coun­try offers much more than just the lux­u­ry resorts for which it is known. Attrac­tions range from ancient and impor­tant civ­i­liza­tions to peace­ful nation­al parks. Despite the fact that the choice of these places will be sub­jec­tive, it is impos­si­ble to deny their great­ness and beau­ty.

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Puerto Vallarta

This cos­mopoli­tan resort locat­ed on the west coast of the coun­try is a real dream for vaca­tion­ers. It’s also a great choice for those who have lim­it­ed vaca­tion time but want to get a taste of all aspects of Mex­i­can life. The mag­nif­i­cent sandy beach­es along Ban­deras Bay are among the largest in the coun­try. Puer­to Val­lar­ta is famous for its tra­di­tion­al archi­tec­ture, ele­gant restau­rants and many inter­est­ing shops.

puerto vallarta

Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan Penin­su­la is locat­ed in the south­ern part of East­ern Mex­i­co. A pop­u­lar area to vis­it, the penin­su­la is known for its unique geol­o­gy, nat­ur­al beau­ty, out­stand­ing coast­line and ancient Mayan ruins. The Yucatán Nation­al Parks are must-sees, and they also have incred­i­ble under­ground lakes known as cenotes, which we wrote about ear­li­er.



Cov­er­ing part of the south­ern coast of Mex­i­co, this world her­itage city offers both nat­ur­al and man-made attrac­tions. Known for its indige­nous peo­ple and ancient cul­tures, as well as its his­to­ry of arts and crafts, the city is an excep­tion­al des­ti­na­tion for tourists and trav­el­ers. When vis­it­ing, make sure to explore some of the col­or­ful colo­nial archi­tec­ture as well as the sur­round­ing area, which is chock full of des­o­late coast­line frag­ments, dense forests and pho­to­genic water­falls.

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A sub­trop­i­cal par­adise sur­round­ed by rain­for­est jun­gles and ancient Mayan ruins, Chi­a­pas is cer­tain­ly one of the most beau­ti­ful attrac­tions in Mex­i­co. The Sum­idero riv­er canyon, the lakes at Mon­te­bel­lo and the ancient ruins at Palenque stand out.


Copper Canyon

This area in the north of Chi­huahua is a beau­ti­ful place, con­sist­ing of cliffs and caves. The cliffs some­times even sur­pass the famous Grand Canyon of Amer­i­ca. A vis­it guar­an­tees stun­ning panoram­ic land­scapes, and pure untouched nature real­ly helps to for­get about the city hus­tle and bus­tle.



The sea cave in Bahia Cal­i­for­nia is a great place to vis­it among the nat­ur­al attrac­tions of Mex­i­co. With the cave at sea lev­el, peri­od­ic surges in the water lev­el cre­ate a mas­sive erup­tion geyser accom­pa­nied by an eerie sound unlike any oth­er in the world. Join oth­er peo­ple gath­er­ing around the cave, relax and enjoy the show.


Chichen Itza

A UNESCO World Her­itage Site, Chichen Itza stands as a tes­ta­ment to the strength of the Maya civ­i­liza­tion. Dom­i­nat­ed by the impos­ing struc­ture of El Castil­lo, this is one of the most stun­ning places in the coun­try. Chichen Itza should def­i­nite­ly be on the list of places to vis­it in Mex­i­co. When plan­ning your trip, make sure you can allo­cate an entire day to vis­it — the area cov­ers a 2.5 square mile radius.

Chichen Itza

Horstail Falls

Cola de Cabal­lo (or horse’s tail) is a water­fall in Mon­ter­rey that attracts a huge num­ber of vis­i­tors every year. The Cas­cades are a great pho­to­genic nat­ur­al attrac­tion. The sur­round­ing scenery also appeals to nature enthu­si­asts. Book a hotel at a near­by resort, go hik­ing, bungee jump­ing, canyon­ing, or horse­back rid­ing.

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Isla Mujeres

Just a short boat ride from the resort of Can­cun and you are in a per­fect trop­i­cal par­adise that is a world away from the mad­ness of the main­land. This is Isla Mujeres, also known as the Wom­en’s Island. This is a small island where you can go div­ing, or just soak up the warm sandy beach.

isla mujeres

Arch of Cabo San Lucas

Mex­i­co’s attrac­tions include many nat­ur­al won­ders. One of them is the arch of Cabo San Lucas in the coastal city of Cabo. It is a tourist hotspot known for its world class sandy beach­es and hol­i­day atmos­phere. The arch of Cabo San Lucas is at the meet­ing point of two seas and has right­ly earned its place in Mex­i­can leg­ends and folk­lore.
cabo san lucas