Hel­lo friends! Let’s talk about a very inter­est­ing top­ic for both men and women. Let’s talk about flow­ers. How dif­fi­cult it is some­times to make a choice when buy­ing these won­der­ful plants and how to choose them cor­rect­ly. I accom­pa­ny my thoughts on this with pho­tographs, which are also tak­en by me 🙂

how to choose the right flowers

The theme of flow­ers is unlike­ly to leave any­one indif­fer­ent. There have already been many arti­cles on flow­ers on Life­Globe, the most inter­est­ing of which I con­sid­er the pho­to post Bright Flow­ers and the arti­cle about the first spring flow­ers.
But after look­ing through many oth­er arti­cles, I came across all sorts of tables of val­ues ​​that talk about the mean­ing of col­or, and the num­ber of flow­ers in a bou­quet. For exam­ple, I read that yel­low col­or — gives shoots to love, pink sym­bol­izes love, white sym­bol­izes puri­ty and inno­cence, pur­ple — trust, blue — fideli­ty, green — well-being and har­mo­ny, and so on …

mood bouquet

With the num­ber of flow­ers, a very inter­est­ing thing also turns out: one flower sym­bol­izes the unique­ness of a per­son, empha­sizes the fact that this per­son is one and only. Well, here we can agree. But for exam­ple, three flow­ers — this means that the per­son who gave so many flow­ers will go with you any­where (blah blah blah … three ways, where to go?) Five flow­ers are a dec­la­ra­tion of love. How is this to be under­stood? This means that if you donate one, three or more than five — does it mean that she does not love? Fur­ther, it is com­plete­ly incom­pre­hen­si­ble: nine col­ors are a sign of strong friend­ship. I imag­ine how a young man who does not both­er much with num­bers gives his beloved a bou­quet of nine beau­ti­ful flow­ers, and with the same bou­quet he gets hit on the head. She turns around and runs away in tears, but he still does not under­stand what is hap­pen­ing.) Some kind of non­sense turns out with this numerol­o­gy.

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I know a per­son who, when buy­ing flow­ers for his soul­mate thinks like this: female flow­ers cre­at­ed by nature for women, and mas­cu­line for men. Thus, it turns out that he does not buy daf­fodils, hyacinths, glad­i­o­lus tulips, lilies of the val­ley, and so on, con­sid­er­ing this a vul­gar act. At her dis­pos­al are more often ros­es, lilies, daisies, chrysan­the­mums and car­na­tions. Yes, it is the car­na­tions, the very ones that we so proud­ly give to vet­er­ans on May 9, that cause him incred­i­ble delight. Well, that’s just his idea of ​​col­ors.

And we are still con­fused: what kind of flow­ers to give to our oth­er half? What kind of rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the flo­ra will cause delight and hap­pi­ness in the eyes of your girl­friend? Do all the rec­om­men­da­tions blogs that inter­pret how to give hap­pi­ness cor­rect­ly? And in gen­er­al, in which hand should you hold the bou­quet: in the right or left?

how to choose flowers

Of course, you can think for a long time. And now, hav­ing gath­ered but not yet decid­ed on the choice, we go to the flower shop and fall into the hands of an expe­ri­enced florist, who already knows what we need long before our arrival. Some­times it seems that florists can read peo­ple’s minds. Unfor­tu­nate­ly or for­tu­nate­ly, extrasen­so­ry per­cep­tion has noth­ing to do with it. An expe­ri­enced florist always sees an unde­cid­ed per­son and begins to “hyp­no­tize” him, as a rule, in his favor. Flow­ers don’t last for­ev­er.

What to do? How to be? But the answer is actu­al­ly remark­ably sim­ple. If you do not know what to choose, but do not want to ask the sell­er for help in choos­ing, pro­ceed as fol­lows: select flow­ers accord­ing to the sea­son. For exam­ple, in spring, these are lilies of the val­ley or tulips, or sun­ny yel­low daf­fodils, or del­i­cate hyacinths. In the fall, this is a chrysan­the­mum, which usu­al­ly has an incred­i­ble range, and you are sure to like some­thing. Wild­flow­ers are in high demand in the sum­mer (you don’t always have to give a Dutch rose!? Besides, choos­ing flow­ers is not adver­tis­ing your wealth, and first of all open­ing the soul to a loved one, but of course, “sav­ing on feel­ings” is also not worth it).

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Prob­a­bly the read­er has a ques­tion: “Here I will buy flow­ers, which I like. What if she does­n’t like them? What then?

In that case, I will answer as fol­lows. No mat­ter how capri­cious your soul­mate is, she will infi­nite­ly hap­py to real­ize the fact that it was you who chose the flow­ers for her, and not any site, or even worse, an indif­fer­ent florist.

Live with emo­tions. Love flow­ers and learn how to choose them cor­rect­ly. Leave com­ments!