Octo­pus Paul from Ger­many is amaz­ing in that he accu­rate­ly pre­dict­ed the out­come of all the match­es of the Ger­man team at the 2010 World Cup. Paul, the clam pre­dic­tor from Ober­hausen, cor­rect­ly pre­dict­ed the out­come of all the nation­al team’s games, and also made his pre­dic­tion for the final, which will take place today. Accord­ing to our pre­dic­tor, the Span­ish team will become the world cham­pi­on

After Paul cor­rect­ly pre­dict­ed the out­come of all Ger­man match­es, he was entrust­ed with mak­ing the final pre­dic­tion for the final in Johan­nes­burg. To begin with, we will tell you how Paul choos­es the win­ner — every­thing is extreme­ly sim­ple. Two box­es are low­ered to him, each con­tain­ing mus­sels. The box­es are marked with the flags of the teams play­ing each oth­er. Paul choos­es a mus­sel from one of the box­es, and the pre­dic­tion comes true. Pre­dict­ing the out­come of today’s match, the clam decid­ed to bet on the Span­ish nation­al team, tak­ing a mus­sel from a box with the Span­ish flag. The video cap­tures this fas­ci­nat­ing process:

The day before, an octo­pus pre­dict­ed Ger­many’s vic­to­ry over Uruguay in the fight for 3rd place. Paul had a chance to think about the out­come of the match for a long time, sit­ting on a box with the flag of Uruguay. For about 9 min­utes he could not decide which mus­sel to take, in the end he still bet on the Ger­mans. As a result, almost in an equal fight, the Ger­man team won, hav­ing won the sil­ver of the ChMAF 2010.

Octopus Paul

After Ger­many lost to the Spaniards in the semi-finals, many Ger­man fans offered to bar­be­cue Paul in pub­lic, blam­ing the octo­pus for their team’s loss. But the aquar­i­um staff cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly refused to kill the two-year-old pre­dic­tor clam. Span­ish Prime Min­is­ter Zap­a­tero jok­ing­ly promised to send a sup­port team to Ober­hausen to keep Paul alive.

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It is worth not­ing that among all inver­te­brates, the octo­pus is the most intel­li­gent, because. his brain has a rudi­men­ta­ry cor­tex and is quite high­ly devel­oped. He is easy to train, has an excel­lent mem­o­ry, is able to dis­tin­guish between geo­met­ric shapes — a small square dis­tin­guish­es from a larg­er one, a rec­tan­gle locat­ed ver­ti­cal­ly from a hor­i­zon­tal one, a rhom­bus will dis­tin­guish from a tri­an­gle, and a cir­cle from a square. Knows how to dis­tin­guish peo­ple, gets used to those who give him food. If you spend enough time with an octo­pus, it will become tame.

paul octopus

There will be an X moment for Paul tonight, if Spain real­ly wins, one can only won­der how this crea­ture man­ages such mir­a­cles. If the fore­cast does not come true, then all pre­dic­tions will turn out to be just a lucky acci­dent.