Sharks are like sea wolves that are nev­er afraid to attack a per­son. For a long time, peo­ple hunt­ed cer­tain types of sharks, until the num­ber of these species was on the verge of extinc­tion. Sharks fas­ci­nate a per­son, mak­ing him afraid. Sur­pris­ing­ly, the shark always feels when a per­son is scared, regard­less of his behav­ior in the water.


Lemon shark, which lives in Aus­tralia. This vari­ety grows to about 10 feet (3 meters).

This hun­gry preda­tor is the great white shark. Of her 30–50 attacks on a per­son, 5–10 are fatal.

Fos­sils of the Mega­lodon shark show that these giant preda­tors could have grown to over 52 feet. (16 meters).


Dead­ly large white jaws and 300 sharp and ser­rat­ed tri­an­gu­lar teeth arranged in sev­er­al rows. I advise you to also read about sharks in an addi­tion­al arti­cle at the link

A great white shark jump­ing out of the water to catch its prey and swal­low it whole.

Those who can’t live with­out adren­a­line have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to dive into the water to delib­er­ate­ly encounter a shark, but they are in a safe cage con­tain­er, and they are not in dan­ger.

Despite the fact that sharks are very dan­ger­ous preda­tors, they rarely bite a per­son. You have the same chance of dying from a bee sting, wasp or hor­net sting, and even from a dog sting.

White shark. Not the biggest, but the most dan­ger­ous.

Reef shark sur­round­ed by fish.

Swim­ming under­wa­ter among the sharks is an incred­i­ble adren­a­line rush. Sharks will not swim away in hor­ror from you, but rather will be inter­est­ed in you.

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Whale shark: 40 ‑46 feet long; weight: 66,000 pounds (30 tons). A shark of 30 years old can repro­duce off­spring, but it lives 60–100 years. Despite such a long lifes­pan, the shark is in dan­ger of extinc­tion. The thing is, these sharks can’t repro­duce fast enough.

Shark col­lec­tion.

Ham­mer­head shark. Cocos Island, Cos­ta Rica.

The tiger shark prefers to live clos­er to the beach­es, which is why it is called the beach tiger shark.