One of the great­est desires of mankind is to fly like a bird, just as freely, while explor­ing the edges of the sky. This desire is not sat­is­fied by heli­copters or air­plane flights, because they do not give the free­dom to fly. Paraglid­ing is a fair­ly new move­ment that gives a per­son a sense of free­dom in flight and sat­is­fies almost all of his needs in the desire to feel like a bird! This is an amaz­ing sport that allows you to con­trol the flight by glid­ing in the sky. In fine, clear weath­er, this device allows you to stay in the air for more than three hours and take off to a height of more than 3,000 meters. I sug­gest you make a vir­tu­al flight, and then, per­haps, you will have a desire to feel it live!


The pilot sits in a spe­cial seat, enclosed in seat belts, and a huge can­vas of spe­cial fab­ric flut­ters above him. The shapes of the fab­ric are not cho­sen in vain, thanks to its shape you can enjoy a long flight. Many go in for paraglid­ing for fun and sat­is­fy their desires, and many for the sake of sports, try­ing to set records in this amaz­ing sport!


The main ele­ment of this device is a wing or canopy. The spe­cial design allows air to pass through the vents and inflate the canopy. The wing with the help of air pres­sure and wind cur­rents allows you to fly high into the sky.

Of course, for a suc­cess­ful flight you also need oth­er equip­ment, such as a large back­pack, a var­i­ome­ter in order to mon­i­tor atmos­pher­ic pres­sure, a radio in order to be able to con­tact oth­er paraglid­ers or mem­bers of your team and a GPS loca­tor to mon­i­tor flight, as well as find team mem­bers in case they need help

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The seat belt is one of the most impor­tant pieces of equip­ment in this sport. Before you decide to take off, you need to care­ful­ly check it for strength

With­out a doubt, paraglid­ing is very excit­ing, but remem­ber about safe­ty!!! You must be very care­ful and very care­ful with your equip­ment, check it for dam­age after a long peri­od of stor­age and ser­vice it if nec­es­sary.