All the strangest and most inter­est­ing things hap­pen only in Rus­sia, because our coun­try has long been famous for this. What a pos­i­tive and fun­ny coun­try we live in, what cheer­ful and patient we are. This can real­ly only hap­pen in Rus­sia. Enjoy watch­ing

Russia can't be understood with the mind

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Life­Globe already had a sim­i­lar selec­tion about Africa — This is pos­si­ble only in Africa … Here, all the pho­tos are entire­ly devot­ed to Rus­sia!

When leav­ing home, take moun­tain equip­ment:

this is only possible in russia

In Rus­sia, you can not find your car …

We have the most reli­able anti-theft sys­tems in the world

Only with us the groom can come by trac­tor, and the wed­ding can be on skis

Is a wed­ding option­al?

In Rus­sia, the most coura­geous grooms and the most beau­ti­ful brides

Wed­ding escort — in Russ­ian

Gop-stop, we came up from around the cor­ner,
gop-stop, you took on a lot,
now it’s too late to make excus­es
look at the stars…

Being a child in Rus­sia is not easy…

even dif­fi­cult…

even very dif­fi­cult…

War is not as ter­ri­ble as Russ­ian sol­diers…

The main fea­ture of our coun­try are fools and the roads on which these fools dri­ve.

We know how to pave roads…

We have great park­ing

The Rus­sians know how to build…

We love to over­come dif­fi­cul­ties

We know how to adver­tise

We are the most cre­ative

We know how to earn

We know how to stand out from the crowd

We are very polite and know how to warn…

“You can’t under­stand Rus­sia with the mind,
Do not mea­sure with a com­mon yard­stick:

She has a spe­cial become -
One can only believe in Rus­sia.”

Fedor Tyutchev

Wel­come to Rus­sia!

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