The genet­ic com­bi­na­tion of pineap­ple and straw­ber­ry is one of the clear­est exam­ples of how sci­ence can change the direc­tion of nature. The result­ing berry can have a shade from pale white and pale milky to pale pink. It is very fra­grant and smells like pineap­ple.

white strawberry

This berry was known in the 18th cen­tu­ry, but grad­u­al­ly began to dis­ap­pear. 7 years ago, the berry was again remem­bered. Dutch farm­ers have estab­lished its pro­duc­tion and now grow it in large quan­ti­ties.

white strawberry

The berry does not dif­fer in size from straw­ber­ries. The ven­dors jok­ing­ly refer to this straw­ber­ry as an “Alice in Won­der­land-style berry”.

Such straw­ber­ries go well with many desserts: ice cream, yogurt, and also serve as an excel­lent dec­o­ra­tion on the fes­tive table.

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