The sculp­ture Peix (fish) is a unique mas­ter­piece of archi­tec­tur­al art, built in 1992 on the water­front of Barcelona. The large steel struc­ture is sim­i­lar in style to oth­er works by Frank O. Gehry.

fish in barcelona

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The fish sculp­ture in Barcelona is known as Peix in Cata­lan. It is one of many works of con­tem­po­rary pub­lic art locat­ed through­out Barcelona and its envi­rons. The fish is locat­ed in the port of Olimpic near the large sky­scraper Hotel Arts, one of the tallest build­ings in the city.

Renowned archi­tect Frank O. Gehry cre­at­ed the sculp­ture for the 1992 Sum­mer Olympics, which were held in Barcelona. A huge Fish over­looks the sea, and its dimen­sions are thir­ty-five by fifty-four meters. The sculp­ture is made of stone, steel and glass. Its cop­per shiny met­al plates sparkle in the sun and make the sculp­ture a real eye-catch­er. Frank Gehry’s fish can be seen from sev­er­al beach­es as well as the sur­round­ing areas of Barcelona.

Gehry is a Cana­di­an archi­tect based in Los Ange­les. It is known for its numer­ous struc­tures through­out the world, includ­ing the Stat Cen­ter in Cam­bridge near Boston, the Danc­ing House in Prague, the Pritzk­er Pavil­ion in Mil­len­ni­um Park in Chica­go, the Guggen­heim Muse­um in Bil­bao, a num­ber of works in New York, and many oth­er equal­ly attrac­tive struc­tures on around the world.

Like this sculp­ture, many of Gehry’s works were influ­enced by the shape of the fish. He also designed a line of jew­el­ry and house­hold items using a sim­i­lar fish motif.

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