It may seem to you that these are pic­tures of extrater­res­tri­al land­scapes, but in fact this place is locat­ed on our plan­et. You are look­ing at the nar­row moun­tain­ous val­ley of Que­bra­da de Humahua­ca in Argenti­na. These col­ored moun­tains of Ser­ran­ha del Aguarage are a UNESCO World Her­itage Site.

Serranha del Aguarage

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This UNESCO World Her­itage Site is locat­ed in the province of Jujuy, sprawl­ing over 154 kilo­me­ters of vibrant geo­log­i­cal won­ders. The val­ley is very pop­u­lar and appre­ci­at­ed by tourists, but there is one area that most vis­i­tors don’t usu­al­ly notice. This is the col­or­ful Ser­ran­ha del Aguarage moun­tain range, local­ly called the Hornocal.
Serranha del Aguarage
If you look close­ly, you can count 11 dif­fer­ent col­ors on these beau­ti­ful zigzag slopes. Care­ful­ly lay­ered, these col­ors are due to dif­fer­ent min­er­al com­po­si­tions. If you want to appre­ci­ate their beau­ty to the fullest, it’s best to do so from the neigh­bor­ing grassy hill. From here you can enjoy breath­tak­ing panoram­ic views of the entire moun­tain range. Pho­tos of Ser­ran­ha del Aguarage fas­ci­nate with their beau­ty — this is a tru­ly amaz­ing place.

Colored mountains of Argentina

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