The Sey­chelles are unique islands that have no ana­logues any­where else in the world, because they are entire­ly made of gran­ite! It is not for noth­ing that the Sey­chelles are con­sid­ered one of the best places to relax, because almost the entire Sey­chelles arch­i­pel­ago has pre­served its amaz­ing flo­ra and fau­na in its orig­i­nal form, and the sandy coasts of the islands are sim­ply amaz­ing­ly clean. After admir­ing these won­der­ful land­scapes, do not for­get to leave your feed­back in the com­ments, share your impres­sions and pho­tos.


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In this col­lec­tion, I sug­gest you make an excit­ing vir­tu­al jour­ney to a real par­adise on Earth — that’s what many peo­ple call the Sey­chelles.


In total, the Sey­chelles arch­i­pel­ago includes 115 gran­ite and coral islands of amaz­ing beau­ty.

La Digue Islands

There are only about 75 coral islands, but they are all small atolls, while the main, large Sey­chelles are gran­ite


The only city in the Sey­chelles arch­i­pel­ago — the city of Vic­to­ria on the island of Mahe — is also the cap­i­tal of the Sey­chelles

Seychelles in April

The Sey­chelles remained untouched until 1770, when French sailors first land­ed here. After some time, the arch­i­pel­ago became the prop­er­ty of the British colo­nial­ists, and in 1976 the Sey­chelles became an inde­pen­dent repub­lic.

Summer, sun, sea, beach =)

Tourists come to the Sey­chelles from all over the world to see with their own eyes the splen­dor of the untouched nat­ur­al beau­ty of the islands, as well as to go scu­ba div­ing in the clear waters of the Indi­an Ocean and even go fish­ing

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Each island of the Sey­chelles arch­i­pel­ago is unique in its own way. Giant tur­tles crawl one at a time, amaz­ing col­or­ful birds cir­cle above the oth­er, the coast of the third is replete with unique fish and coral arifs, etc. But on almost all islands, local endemics grow — Coco-de-mer coconut palms found only in the Sey­chelles


Coconuts plucked from the Coco-de-mer palm weigh an aver­age of 20 kg and are con­sid­ered the largest coconuts in the world. Among the local pop­u­la­tion, there is even a belief that it was the nut with Coco-de-mer that was the for­bid­den fruit that caused Adam and Eve to be expelled from the Gar­den of Eden) On one of the islands, not so long ago, the park “Vallee de Mai” was spe­cial­ly arranged , in which an exten­sive grove of Sey­chelles palms grows!

Where the ocean and palm trees...

The cli­mate in the Sey­chelles allows you to relax here all year round — the tem­per­a­ture ranges between 24 and 32 degrees

shady beach

The hottest peri­od for relax­ing on the islands lasts from Decem­ber to May — dur­ing these months the tem­per­a­ture is about 29 ° C, from June to Novem­ber weak mon­soons blow here, and the aver­age tem­per­a­ture is 25 degrees on aver­age.

Takamaha coast on Mahe Island

The coast of the Sey­chelles is calm almost all year round, some excite­ment is observed only from Octo­ber to March, when the north­west trade winds blow from the ocean, but from May to Sep­tem­ber it seems that the whole world is frozen in the calm waters of the Sey­chelles, and a dri­er and cool­er cli­mate allows not wor­ry about over­heat­ing in the sun. In addi­tion, these are still trop­ics and short-term show­ers often pass here, and this hap­pens at any time of the year.

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Seychelles aerial view

For lovers of div­ing, the months of April, May, Sep­tem­ber and Octo­ber will be the most con­ve­nient, when the ocean is calmer and clear­er, although if the excite­ment of the water does not both­er you, it is bet­ter to come here in Decem­ber-Jan­u­ary, when the under­wa­ter fau­na is rep­re­sent­ed in the great­est vari­ety.


The Sey­chelles amaze any­one, even the most sophis­ti­cat­ed tourist, with its unique beau­ty, sat­u­ra­tion of col­ors, vari­ety of ter­res­tri­al and under­wa­ter life, and the say­ing “It is bet­ter to see once than hear a hun­dred times” takes on a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent mean­ing in this place — no pho­tographs can reflect the true beau­ty Sey­chelles, you have to see it with your own eyes…

Heaven on Earth

Trans­par­ent calm waters of the Indi­an Ocean, wash­ing the pink­ish sand of the Sey­chelles coasts, unique fau­na, even cli­mate and bright col­ors of the under­wa­ter world annu­al­ly attract thou­sands of tourists, and almost every island is unique not only in its nature, but also in terms of recre­ation­al oppor­tu­ni­ties!

Twilight Paradise on La Digue Island

For lovers of lux­u­ri­ous pri­vate islands, the Sey­chelles are in great demand as an exclu­sive place for an excep­tion­al hol­i­day.