Home to famous artists and tal­ent­ed sci­en­tists who changed the order of the world, home to the largest num­ber of UNESCO World Her­itage Sites and a kalei­do­scope of enchant­i­ng land­scapes, Bel­la Italia! From all sorts of ancient Rome and charm­ing roman­tic Venice, to the rolling hills of Tus­cany and cos­mopoli­tan Milan, this coun­try is a lim­it­less source of attrac­tions. Based on user rat­ings, a list of the 25 best attrac­tions in Italy has been com­piled. This com­pi­la­tion will help all trav­el­ers who plan their itin­er­ary around the coun­try, as it con­tains real­ly inter­est­ing and unique places, as well as use­ful tips on how to have a good time and get the most pos­i­tive impres­sions.

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1. Valley of the Temples of Sicily

Wel­come to Sici­ly, where you will dis­cov­er one of its most breath­tak­ing sights. The Val­ley of the Tem­ples in Agri­gen­to is a vast exca­va­tion site con­tain­ing the well-pre­served remains of var­i­ous pre­his­toric tem­ples dat­ing from the 5th cen­tu­ry BC.


2. Cinque Terre

A UNESCO World Her­itage Site and Nation­al Park, one of Italy’s clean­est and most tidy areas and a jew­el in the crown of Lig­uria, Italy’s famous 5 Cinque Terre lands. Five delight­ful cities of col­or nes­tle on the steep cliffs of the Ital­ian Riv­iera. Some very inter­est­ing arti­cles have already been writ­ten about these places on Life­Globe, I strong­ly advise you to fol­low the link and read them.

cinque terre

3. Uffizi Gallery in Florence

With a rep­u­ta­tion as one of the finest muse­ums in the world, the Uffizi Gallery hous­es unique works by Giot­to, Bot­ti­cel­li, Man­teg­na, Cor­reg­gio, Leonar­do da Vin­ci, Raphael, Michelan­ge­lo, Car­avag­gio, Dür­er, Rem­brandt and Rubens. Read more about this place in the arti­cle about the sights of Flo­rence.


4. Roman Colosseum

One of Italy’s most rec­og­niz­able land­marks — the largest rem­nant of antiq­ui­ty, a typ­i­cal amphithe­ater, a tech­ni­cal mar­vel, the epit­o­me of archi­tec­tur­al excel­lence, a con­stant proof of the sophis­ti­ca­tion and bru­tal­i­ty of the Roman world — the Colos­se­um has been dupli­cat­ed count­less times in dif­fer­ent cities of the world, but it remains one of the best places for vis­its in Italy.


5. Cave city of Sassi di Matera

Carved into the rocks and baked by the Mediter­ranean sun, the Sas­si forms an urban com­plex of pre­his­toric dwellings that are essen­tial­ly sim­ple caves stacked on top of each oth­er. It is a labyrinth, con­sist­ing of many under­ground pas­sages and caves, hid­ing relics of the past.

sassi di matera

6. Ancient Pompeii

Let’s go back to 79 A.D. BC, when Vesu­vius was just a big hill for those who lived around today’s Gulf of Naples. But one day every­thing changed when a huge cloud of ash rose into the sky on a sun­ny day in August, and lava flows announced the end of a pros­per­ous Roman city, turn­ing it into ruins. Read more in the arti­cle about the Gar­den of the Cap­tives, pet­ri­fied vic­tims of the erup­tion.

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7. Amalfi and its coast

The Amal­fi Coast is the per­fect hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion to stay as long as pos­si­ble. The Lat­tari moun­tain range, which goes direct­ly to the sea, forms a jagged coast­line with col­or­ful vil­lages sur­round­ed by Mediter­ranean veg­e­ta­tion. The city is rich in its his­to­ry, cul­ture and folk­lore. If you want to know what the real sights of Italy are, then by all means vis­it this town. Read about the most beau­ti­ful cities of Amal­fi in a sep­a­rate tape.


8. Historic center of Siena

Siena may not equal Flo­rence, its con­stant rival, and neigh­bor to the north, in terms of cul­tur­al her­itage, but its abun­dance and charm make the city tru­ly unique. In the His­toric Cen­ter of Siena, every­one will find some­thing to admire.


9. Vatican

Although the Vat­i­can is a com­plete­ly sep­a­rate state, its mag­nif­i­cent mon­u­ments can only be accessed through Rome. Here you will see places like St. Peter’s Basil­i­ca and Piaz­za San Pietro. The Vat­i­can is the spir­i­tu­al cen­ter of the Catholic world and one of the most mas­sive­ly vis­it­ed areas of Rome.


10. St. Mark’s Basilica

Cho­sen as the bur­ial place of Saint Mark the Evan­ge­list, the Basil­i­ca di San Mar­co pre­serves the his­to­ry of the coun­try and is the most impor­tant sym­bol of Venice. Locat­ed next to the Grand Canal, the majes­tic basil­i­ca dom­i­nates Piaz­za San Mar­co and inspires many with its beau­ty. You will find a sto­ry about this place in the selec­tion ded­i­cat­ed to the sights of Venice.

basilica stamp

11. Roman Forum (Foro Romano)

Rest­ing in the val­ley between the Pala­tine and the Capi­to­line Hills, the Roman Forum is by far one of the most sig­nif­i­cant archae­o­log­i­cal sites in the world. The heart of the empire will give you incred­i­ble emo­tions, be sure to vis­it it dur­ing your stay in Rome.

Roman forum

12. Blue Grotto on the island of Capri

The sym­bol of Capri and an incred­i­ble place, even if you eval­u­ate it on a glob­al scale, the Blue Grot­to would not be called that with­out good rea­son. When the rays of the sun sneak through the entrance to the grot­to, a neon blue reflec­tion illu­mi­nates the cave, and all objects inside are illu­mi­nat­ed in sil­ver. One of the most beau­ti­ful nat­ur­al attrac­tions in Italy.

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blue grotto

13. Grand Canal in Venice

Board the riv­er bus and trav­el along the Grand Canal. This tour will take you back many cen­turies back in his­to­ry. The famous Venet­ian canal runs for more than 3.5 kilo­me­ters through all six dis­tricts of the his­toric cen­ter, reveal­ing the gems of archi­tec­ture along its banks.

grand canal

14. Leaning Tower of Pisa

Anoth­er of the sym­bols of the coun­try, one of the most rec­og­niz­able sights of Italy. This is not an opti­cal illu­sion, nor did the archi­tects expect the tow­er to lean like that. No soon­er had con­struc­tion reached the third tier than the tow­er began to sag into the ground due to poor foun­da­tions, and the slope became appar­ent. Cur­rent­ly, work is under­way to strength­en the Lean­ing Tow­er of Pisa in order to pre­serve it for pos­ter­i­ty.


15. Last Supper

One of the most famous paint­ings in the world, which is rec­om­mend­ed to see. It is locat­ed in San­ta Maria del­la Grazia, in Milan.

last supper

16. Duomo — Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence

Renowned for its dis­tinc­tive dome and expres­sive colours, the Cathe­dral of San­ta Maria del Fiore dom­i­nates the Flo­rence sky­line and reflects the col­lec­tive efforts of sev­er­al emi­nent artists who have endowed the mon­u­ment with its sta­tus as an archi­tec­tur­al mas­ter­piece full of aes­thet­ic lines.


17. Trevi Fountain in Rome

Lurk­ing in the labyrinth of the nar­row, mean­der­ing streets of Rome is a glit­ter­ing gem reput­ed to be a solemn exam­ple of Baroque grace and nat­ur­al water­craft — one of the most stun­ning foun­tains in the world and a work of art all in one. The Tre­vi Foun­tain is not just a cold piece of mar­ble, but a foun­tain with his­to­ry. One of the most valu­able sights of Rome and Italy.

Trevi Fountain

18. Assisi — a city in the mountains

Approx­i­mate­ly 5 mil­lion vis­i­tors a year have turned the small town in Umbria into a thriv­ing tourist des­ti­na­tion in Italy that would sur­prise even St. Fran­cis him­self, the founder of the city. What is it that attracts tourists here so much? Among many oth­er mar­vels is the 13th cen­tu­ry Basil­i­ca di San Francesco, with Fran­cis’ sacred relics and mag­nif­i­cent fres­coes doc­u­ment­ing his life, as well as numer­ous oth­er church­es, Roman ruins, sacred shrines, and nar­row medieval streets cre­at­ing an almost mys­ti­cal set­ting under the aus­pices of UNESCO. .


19. Mount Vesuvius

One of the most for­mi­da­ble vol­ca­noes in the world, once destroyed the city of Pom­peii to the ground. The ruins of Pom­peii are still vis­i­ble against the back­ground of the huge Mount Vesu­vius, which is still sleep­ing, but can still wake up.

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20. Aosta Valley

Italy’s small­est and least dense­ly pop­u­lat­ed region, with pris­tine Alpine rivers and numer­ous flower mead­ows, is a moun­tain­ous area that’s hard not to fall in love with. If you are a nature lover, then you will love these sights.


21. Lake Como

Cov­er­ing an area of ​​146 square kilo­me­ters, Lake Como’s virtues are not lim­it­ed to its immen­si­ty. The com­bi­na­tion of romance, his­to­ry, scenic beau­ty and rich­ness of tra­di­tion makes it so charm­ing that even celebri­ties go crazy to have their own piece of land from this deli­cious Lom­bardy pie.

lake como

22. Chianti wine route

The fact that Chi­anti is locat­ed between Flo­rence and Siena makes it a good enough place to vis­it. This wine route is rec­om­mend­ed to be includ­ed in your trav­el itin­er­ary. You will expe­ri­ence an aes­thet­ic com­bi­na­tion of art, his­to­ry and culi­nary delights. Here they make great wine that you can taste. One of the most famous wine regions in the world.


23. Grottoes and caves of the Frasassi Gorge

Even in Italy, rainy days hap­pen from time to time, and if your beach plans hap­pen to fail, take a dive into the Fras­sas­si Gorge for a trip to the cen­ter of the Earth. The 75-minute route through one of the most spec­tac­u­lar Karst com­plex­es in the world, equipped with con­ve­nient pas­sages and stairs, will delight any­one.


24. Trulli in Alberobello

Quirky lime­stone hous­es with gray cone-shaped roofs, built with­out the use of cement and care­ful­ly retouched every year, dot the province of Bari and Taran­to. This place is not as famous as oth­er places of inter­est in Italy, but nev­er­the­less, this amaz­ing white town is worth a vis­it. I also advise you to read about alter­na­tive cities in Italy, which are unde­served­ly deprived of the atten­tion of tourists.


25. Pizza in Naples

It real­ly does­n’t mat­ter where exact­ly you try your piz­za as it’s obscene­ly good every­where in Naples. Whether you fol­low the crowds to a pop­u­lar pizze­ria, or vis­it a quaint lit­tle place on the out­skirts, you’ll be seduced by the great taste of Neapoli­tan piz­za. Well, after you have lunch, you can vis­it oth­er sights of Naples, which are devot­ed to a sep­a­rate arti­cle.

pizza in naples

This is not the end of our trip to Italy, be sure to go on a mag­nif­i­cent pho­to tour of Italy, where breath­tak­ing land­scapes await you.