The Nor­we­gian look­out over the Aur­land Fjord is per­fect for the adven­tur­ous. Would you like to feel like you’re on top of the world — and still take pho­tos to prove it? Ste­gastein is a 650 meters high obser­va­tion tow­er over­look­ing the Aur­land Fjord and offer­ing a breath­tak­ing panoram­ic view of the sur­round­ing land­scape. If you are afraid of heights, then in no case do not go to the edge.

Stegastein platform

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The coun­ty of Sogn og Fjor­dan is a mag­i­cal land. It is home to two UNESCO World Her­itage Sites and the longest fjord in the coun­try, not to men­tion the rocky glac­i­ers, water­falls and nation­al parks of Nor­way. So, it is quite under­stand­able that many tourists want to admire the beau­ty of the region prop­er­ly. There is no bet­ter place for obser­va­tion in the area than the Ste­gastein Plat­form.Aurland fjord platform

Aurland Scenic Route

The Aur­land Tourist Route in Sogn og Fjor­dan is one of Nor­way’s 18 icon­ic routes. From the vil­lage of Flåm, where the fjord ends, you can take a bus and fol­low the Aur­land road to Lerdal (the locals call the route the “snow road”) until you reach the Ste­gastein look­out tow­er. Don’t wor­ry, you won’t miss this attrac­tion. The obser­va­tion plat­form is 31 meters long and 3.3 meters wide, pro­trud­ing 650 meters from the moun­tain direct­ly above the Aur­land Fjord.fjord view

Stegastein Platform — A feat of architecture

It may look like the tow­er is made of wood, but rest assured that the Ste­gastein look­out plat­form is much stronger — it’s actu­al­ly made of steel and clad in sol­id pine. One of the most unique view­ing plat­forms in the world was designed by Todd Saun­ders and Tom­my Wil­helm­sen and com­plet­ed in 2006. The plat­form has received numer­ous awards for its inge­nious archi­tec­ture: it runs for 30 meters and then ends in a sharp drop that is cov­ered by an almost invis­i­ble pan­el of glass. This deci­sion gives the feel­ing that you real­ly get into the fjord.

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Of course, this is not real­ly the case. The obser­va­tion tow­er, which has been called the “div­ing board” and “ski jump” because of the steep fall, is actu­al­ly com­plete­ly safe. The archi­tects said that it is designed to look scary and excit­ing, so that you feel the max­i­mum uni­ty with nature with­out any bar­ri­ers. So, if you are not afraid of heights, feel free to go ahead and lean towards these panoram­ic fjords of Nor­way.

stegastein observation platform