Deep in the Neva­da wilder­ness, reached by the rugged Gold­en Butte Road, lies a breath­tak­ing area that few peo­ple know about. These places have many names such as Lit­tle Fin­land, Dev­il’s Fire, Elf’s Play­ground and many more. Wind and water have carved their sculp­tures here for mil­lions of years, trans­form­ing the sand­stone rock into fan­tas­tic fig­ures that are unlike­ly to be found any­where else.

stone figures in the rocks

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Like a bizarre mirage, fiery sand­stone fins and myth­i­cal crea­tures emerge from the desert floor. If you turn on your imag­i­na­tion, you can see here the faces of peo­ple and wild ani­mals formed by sand­stone. All this adds to the mys­tique and makes these places an excel­lent plat­form for pho­tographs. Some of the sculp­tures even have their own names, such as Ancient Ele­phant, Lit­tle Dinosaur or Big Nose.

little finland
This region was called lit­tle Fin­land because these places part­ly resem­ble the moun­tain land­scapes of this north­ern coun­try. Most of these fig­ures were formed mil­lions of years ago, but the process is still ongo­ing, and per­haps, after sev­er­al mil­len­nia, many new sculp­tures will be added here, which will be admired by our dis­tant descen­dants.

nevada rocks
Lit­tle Fin­land is locat­ed about 50 kilo­me­ters south of Mesquite. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, or for­tu­nate­ly, it is very dif­fi­cult to reach these places. You will need an all-wheel dri­ve vehi­cle with high cross-coun­try abil­i­ty, capa­ble of over­com­ing very dif­fi­cult off-road con­di­tions. There are no gas sta­tions, eater­ies and even road signs here. Per­haps this allowed the sculp­tures to be pre­served intact.

stone figures in the rocks
These places are not list­ed as tourist attrac­tions, local author­i­ties for­bid many tourists from com­ing here due to the extreme fragili­ty of the rock for­ma­tions, which can be eas­i­ly destroyed by neg­li­gence.

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figures in the rocks
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figures in the rocks of nevada