The New Zealand Ani­mal Wel­fare Orga­ni­za­tion has suc­cess­ful­ly taught some dogs how to dri­ve a car to show poten­tial own­ers how smart these dogs are. This unusu­al project was found­ed by Kristin Kalin and famous ani­mal train­er Mark Vette. Its goal is to teach ani­mals the basic skills of dri­ving a car, and then demon­strate these skills on tele­vi­sion.

dog drivers

Sur­pris­ing­ly, it took only 8 weeks for three dogs to demon­strate basic skills in an ordi­nary wood­en box. After that, they moved to a spe­cial­ly mod­i­fied Mini, where they com­plete­ly entrust­ed dri­ving.

dog and car
Mark Wette, who has trained the dogs, says: “We trained them to do dif­fer­ent things, but first of all the right move­ments and reac­tions. They man­aged to learn, the dogs learn to dri­ve very well.“
Dri­ving a car proves that ani­mals also have the poten­tial to learn new tricks and skills. Hav­ing learned such amaz­ing things in just 8 weeks, one can only imag­ine what they will learn in a longer peri­od of time.

All of the ani­mals par­tic­i­pat­ing in the pro­gram have been res­cued by the SPCA, which hopes that peo­ple will want to adopt the dog under the impres­sion of what they see. Read about anoth­er inter­est­ing way to influ­ence poten­tial own­ers in the arti­cle Ani­mals that are unlike­ly to be shel­tered.

Here is a video where you can study the learn­ing process in more detail:

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