Mar Sem Fim (“End­less Sea”) is a Brazil­ian yacht that was ship­wrecked, sunk and sub­se­quent­ly frozen in the ice of Maxwell Bay, off the coast of Antarc­ti­ca. This hap­pened about 1,200 kilo­me­ters south of the extreme point of South Amer­i­ca on April 7th, 2012. The yacht, which was owned by famed Brazil­ian jour­nal­ist and entre­pre­neur João Lara Mesqui­ta, was being oper­at­ed by four crews who were film­ing a doc­u­men­tary off the Antarc­tic coast when the boat cap­sized. Strong winds over 100 kilo­me­ters per hour tossed the boat from side to side, “like a buck­ing bron­co in a rodeo,” accord­ing to one crew mem­ber.

sunken yacht

When the ship was trapped in the ice, the crew radioed for help and were tak­en on board by a Chilean war­ship. All four explor­ers were even­tu­al­ly res­cued, but bad weath­er delayed the process by two days.
mar sem fim

Joao Lara Mesqui­ta, who was also on the yacht, wrote on his blog:

“With strong winds and high waves, Fry’s ship sailed towards us. Our evac­u­a­tion was epic. Waves over 1.5 meters and winds over 40 knots forced the boat to jump from one side to the oth­er. When every­thing end­ed safe­ly, we threw our­selves into the arms of the Chilean team mem­bers. For­tu­nate­ly, every­thing went well.”

Mar Sem Phim, how­ev­er, could not be saved. The icy water that cov­ered the hull lat­er froze and cracked the hull, send­ing the boat to the bot­tom of a shal­low bay.

The boat lay at a depth of 10 meters, vis­i­ble from above, for almost a year, until her recent res­cue in ear­ly 2013.

The own­er man­aged to return to the place and when the weath­er allowed, the divers mount­ed a spe­cial lift­ing device. The buoys were con­tin­u­ous­ly inflat­ed with the help of the sup­plied air, slow­ly lift­ing the ves­sel, which had been under water for almost a year. As soon as the ship appeared, it was towed to the shore, where the researchers returned their equip­ment.

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The ves­sel was insured for $700,000, how­ev­er, the dam­aged hull and being under­wa­ter for 10 months took their toll. Most like­ly Mar Sem Fim can­not be restored.

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