Cen­tro Stu­di Sin­te­si, Insti­tute for Social and Eco­nom­ic Research has com­piled a list of the hap­pi­est places in Italy. They were com­pared on a range of items includ­ing income, edu­ca­tion, cul­ture, envi­ron­ment, secu­ri­ty and ser­vices, result­ing in 176 set­tle­ments. The north is a clear win­ner here, as 9 out of 10 lucky Ital­ian cities are in the north­ern region of Italy. It seems that liv­ing in the moun­tains is much more con­ducive to hap­pi­ness in Italy. The coun­try is full of beau­ti­ful small towns that offer a chance to escape the urban mouse rush and move on to a more peace­ful and hap­pi­er exis­tence.
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The small town of Calen­zano, nes­tled in the rolling coun­try­side out­side of Flo­rence, has the inde­scrib­able beau­ty of the Tus­can land­scape, the cul­ture and his­to­ry of the Renais­sance, and one of Italy’s largest and most beau­ti­ful cities with­in easy reach.


Alba is a famous set­tle­ment in Pied­mont, which is famous for its truf­fles, peach­es and wine­mak­ing. So, it’s not hard to imag­ine why the peo­ple of Alba are among the hap­pi­est in Italy.


Arge­la­to in Bologna (Emil­ia-Romagna) has main­tained a per­fect bal­ance between rur­al idyll and func­tion­ing indus­try, which has ensured a high stan­dard of liv­ing. Wel­fare and beau­ti­ful scenery direct­ly affect­ed the hap­pi­ness lev­el of the locals.

Caldaro Sulla Strada del Vino

This set­tle­ment with the long name of Cal­daro sul­la stra­da del Vino (or Kaltern an der Wein­strasse in Ger­man) has every­thing you need for hap­pi­ness. Locat­ed in Bolzano, the city is con­sid­ered a true gem of Italy.

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Iseo is locat­ed on the east­ern shore of Lake Gar­da in Lom­bardy. The city is locat­ed just 130 km west of Venice and only 25 km from Verona. He adopt­ed the best from these cities, while not los­ing his own rich cul­ture.


Bar­dolino is locat­ed on the east­ern shore of Lake Gar­da and its econ­o­my is main­ly based on tourism and the pro­duc­tion of the world famous wine. Per­haps it is thanks to the excel­lent wine that the locals are con­sid­ered among the hap­pi­est in Italy.

Appiano Sulla Strada del Vino

Appi­ano Sul­la Stra­da del Vino is locat­ed just 8 kilo­me­ters from the city of Bolzano. Accord­ing to research, peo­ple here live very long and hap­py lives. So, if you want to move to Italy, we rec­om­mend this place.


Sirmione in the province of Bres­cia is sur­round­ed on three sides by Lake Gar­da, and even in Roman times it was a very pop­u­lar place where noble Romans lived.


Vip­iteno, or Sterz­ing, is a hap­py Ital­ian com­mune in South Tyrol, locat­ed near the Aus­tri­an bor­der. Be sure to pay atten­tion to this set­tle­ment dur­ing your trip to Italy.


Bruni­co is the largest city in the Pul­ster Val­ley in the region of South Tyrol, right on the bor­der with Aus­tria. The main lan­guage in the city is Ger­man, with Ital­ian in sec­ond place. By all accounts, this is one of the hap­pi­est places in Italy.