The most com­mon size for a home aquar­i­um is 50–60 liters, although some man­age to build aquar­i­ums of 1000 liters or more at home. But there are such mas­ter­pieces in the world that can fit a whole lake of water, they can keep whales, sharks, and oth­er sea giants. I bring to your atten­tion a list of the largest aquar­i­ums in the world
largest aquariums

10 Western Australia Aquarium

(3 mil­lion liters)

Locat­ed on the out­skirts of the city of Perth, by the ocean, the West­ern Aus­tralia Aquar­i­um (AQWA) is the largest on the con­ti­nent. The main tank of the aquar­i­um is 40 meters long and 20 meters wide, while hold­ing 3 mil­lion liters of water. There is also a 98-meter under­wa­ter tun­nel here. For an addi­tion­al fee, you can even go scu­ba div­ing next to sharks and oth­er inhab­i­tants of the aquar­i­um.
australia aquarium

9. Aquarium of Genoa

(3.78 mil­lion liters)

Built specif­i­cal­ly for Expo 92, the Aquar­i­um of Genoa and Italy is one of the largest aquar­i­ums in Europe. There are about 70 reser­voirs, each of which recre­ates the habi­tat of cer­tain marine species. In total, more than 6,000 marine life from dif­fer­ent parts of the world live here, includ­ing sharks, dol­phins and seals. The largest reser­voir holds 3.78 mil­lion liters of water
genoa aquarium

8. Shanghai Oceanarium

(3.8 mil­lion liters)

The Shang­hai Aquar­i­um is one of the largest aquar­i­ums in Asia. It is divid­ed into 9 large zones, includ­ing Chi­na zone, Antarc­tic zone and Aus­tralia zone. The most attrac­tive part of the aquar­i­um is the 155 meters long under­wa­ter tun­nel, which makes it the longest tun­nel of its kind in the world.
shanghai oceanarium

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7. Sea World Ushaka

(3.8 mil­lion liters)

This theme park is locat­ed in Dur­ban, South Africa. It hous­es Africa’s largest aquar­i­um with 32 tanks. A fea­ture of the aquar­i­um is that you can watch sharks sit­ting at a restau­rant table with glass walls, com­plete­ly sub­merged inside the tank.
largest aquariums

6. Monterrey Bay Aquarium

(4.5 mil­lion liters)

This aquar­i­um is locat­ed on the site of a for­mer fish can­nery in Mon­ter­rey, Cal­i­for­nia. among the fea­tures of this place are two huge reser­voirs, one with a vol­ume of 1.2 mil­lion liters, and the sec­ond with 4.5 mil­lion liters

5. Turkuaz Aquarium

(4.9 mil­lion liters)

Opened in 2009, Turkua­zou is the largest aquar­i­um in Turkey. Divid­ed into many themed areas, it hous­es about 10,000 marine life, includ­ing tiger sharks, giant rays and pira­nhas. The aquar­i­um is locat­ed in the Istan­bul Trade Cen­ter and also has an 80m under­wa­ter tun­nel.

4. L’Oceanografic Aquarium in Valencia

(7 mil­lion liters)

This aquar­i­um is locat­ed in the famous City of Arts and Sci­ences in Valen­cia. This com­plex was designed by the famous archi­tect San­ti­a­go Cala­tra­va. This is the largest aquar­i­um in Europe, where about 45,000 marine inhab­i­tants live.
valencia aquarium

3. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

(7.49 mil­lion liters)

This aquar­i­um is locat­ed in the Ocean Expo Park in Japan and was opened in 2002. The main tank of the aquar­i­um called the Kuroshio Sea holds 7.49 mil­lion liters of water. You can admire sea crea­tures through a huge glass 60 cen­time­ters thick
okinawa churaumi

2. Dubai Aquarium

(10 mil­lion liters)

This aquar­i­um is locat­ed in The Dubai Mall and is part of the pres­ti­gious area sur­round­ing the icon­ic Burj Khal­i­fa. About 33,000 sea crea­tures live in a huge aquar­i­um, includ­ing 400 sharks. The aquar­i­um got into the Guin­ness Book of Records thanks to the largest glass pan­el mea­sur­ing 8.3 by 32.88 meters and 75 cen­time­ters thick, while dis­plac­ing the Oki­nawa Aquar­i­um. In Feb­ru­ary 2010, this pan­el leaked, forc­ing the evac­u­a­tion of spec­ta­tors. The leak was fixed fair­ly quick­ly.
dubai aquarium

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1 Georgia Aquarium

(23.8 mil­lion liters)

The Geor­gia Aquar­i­um is the largest in the world and is home to approx­i­mate­ly 100,000 sea crea­tures. The aquar­i­um was opened in Novem­ber 2005. This is the only place out­side of Asia where whale sharks live in a giant tank with a vol­ume of 24 mil­lion liters. Read about this amaz­ing place in a sep­a­rate arti­cle on Life­Globe
georgia aquarium