Spain is a coun­try that exalts itself to every­one. Whether it’s its his­tor­i­cal extrav­a­gan­za, mes­mer­iz­ing beau­ty, many col­or­ful fes­ti­vals, or won­der­ful fun­ny peo­ple, Spain’s most beau­ti­ful cities ensure that you won’t get bored while trav­el­ing. They are so pic­turesque that they are lit­er­al­ly cre­at­ed for a roman­tic dream. “I would rather be a for­eign­er here than in most oth­er coun­tries. How easy it is to find friends in Spain! ’ said George Orwell. I invite you to trav­el, explor­ing the mys­te­ri­ous won­ders of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain.


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Bilbao and modern architecture

In absolute con­trast to oth­er Span­ish cities, Bil­bao stands out for its mod­ern archi­tec­ture. The gem of this old port city is the Guggen­heim Muse­um, which is a colos­sal tita­ni­um struc­ture where excit­ing con­tem­po­rary art awaits you. Don’t for­get to try pin­tx­os with local wine as you trav­el through Bil­bao.


Valencia — modernity and history

Rec­og­nized as the birth­place of Pael­la, Valen­cia per­fect­ly com­bines moder­ni­ty with the archa­ic of the past. The struc­ture that attracts most peo­ple is the futur­is­tic City of Arts and Sci­ences by archi­tect San­ti­a­go Cala­tra­va. The city has many areas ded­i­cat­ed to sports, which are idyl­licly sur­round­ed by trees and plants. The Valen­cia beach cer­tain­ly adds to the appeal of this already beau­ti­ful Span­ish city.


Huesca and music

Huesca is a charm­ing town in the Aragon region, very close to the Pyre­nees. In addi­tion to many old church­es and cas­tles, this city is also known for its musi­cal activ­i­ties. El 21 is con­sid­ered one of the best con­cert halls in the coun­try. While in Huesca, don’t for­get to try Somon­tano wines and Pol­lo al chilin­dron (chick­en and pep­per dish). Fies­ta May­or is also a vibrant fes­ti­val that you should def­i­nite­ly vis­it.


Jerez de la Frontera — the birthplace of Flamenco

Do you want to feel like a real Spaniard? You can go straight to Jerez de la Fron­tera. It is a beau­ti­ful 3000 year old city with cob­bled streets, numer­ous old cas­tles and ruins, medieval church­es and many wine cel­lars where you can immerse your­self in the his­to­ry of wine­mak­ing. And if you love hors­es, don’t miss the most inter­est­ing annu­al 500 year old horse fair, the Feria del Cabal­lo. The sights of Spain are even­ly dis­trib­uted over all the most beau­ti­ful cities in the coun­try.

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Logrono. Wine and tapas

This beau­ti­ful Span­ish city has his­tor­i­cal­ly been a place of pil­grim­age on the way to the tomb of the Apos­tle James in San­ti­a­go de Com­postela and is def­i­nite­ly on the list of must see cities in Spain. It is famous for its deli­cious Span­ish cui­sine (drilled on the streets of Tapas tast­ing) and the famous Span­ish Rio­ja wine.


Santillana del Mar

San­til­lana del Mar is called the city of three lies. In case you’re won­der­ing what the trio is, this city is not holy (San­to), flat (llana), not mar­itime (Mar), as its name implies. But it is def­i­nite­ly one of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain for tourists.


Food & Attractions in Burgos

Bur­gos is locat­ed on the banks of the Arlan­za and Duero rivers — a his­tor­i­cal mas­ter­piece among the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain. Bur­gos Cathe­dral is a mag­nif­i­cent mon­u­ment and a UNESCO World Her­itage Site. It is also famous for its blood sausages, which you can try in any of the amaz­ing cafes around the city.


Malaga, Picasso’s hometown

Birth­place of Pablo Picas­so, this beach town is a great place to relax. It has a vibrant bohemi­an cul­ture cen­tered on the SOHO area. Mala­ga also has its fair share of old fortress­es and church­es: the Alcaz­a­ba and the baroque cathe­dral.


Pamplona and the running of the bulls

Pam­plona is known main­ly for the wild and adren­a­line-rich San Fer­min Bull Fes­ti­val. But there’s so much more to this beau­ti­ful Span­ish city — old his­toric church­es, the Muse­um of Navarre dis­play­ing exquis­ite Roman arte­facts, and Renais­sance paint­ings com­ple­ment­ed by beau­ti­ful parks.

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The next in the list of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain is Seville, the cap­i­tal of Andalu­sia. It boasts three UNESCO World Her­itage Sites: the Alcazar Palace, the Cathe­dral (con­tain­ing the remains of Christo­pher Colum­bus), and the Gen­er­al Archives of the Indies. This vibrant city can amaze your sens­es with its riot of col­ors and the scent of orange blos­soms. Seville is one of the best cities to vis­it in Spain.


Consuegra and her babies

The wind­mills of Con­sue­gra are framed by the blue Span­ish sky, an inte­gral sym­bol of this beau­ti­ful Span­ish city. Apart from these superbly pre­served wind­mills next to the old cas­tle, Con­sue­gra is also famous for its saf­fron. In Octo­ber, at the Saf­fron fes­ti­val, you can see the bright­ly lit wind­mills.


Cuenca and houses of Casas Colgadas

Cuen­ca is also known as the Eagle’s Nest, where the first Goth­ic cathe­dral in Spain was built. In addi­tion to its his­tor­i­cal sig­nif­i­cance, this walled city has the unique “hang­ing hous­es” of the Casas Col­gadas, perched pre­car­i­ous­ly on the cliffs over­look­ing the Jucar Riv­er Gorge.


Cordoba and its courtyards

Cor­do­ba is a tru­ly beau­ti­ful city in Spain to vis­it, and its artis­tic patios and pic­turesque court­yards are a sight to behold for aes­thetes. Cor­do­ba through­out its his­to­ry has been one of the great­est cities in the world, and frag­ments of this dis­tant past still sur­vive today: the Palace Fortress and the Great Mosque.


The beautiful city of Segovia

This beau­ti­ful city lies north of Madrid and leg­ends say it was found­ed by the son of Noah, or even by Her­cules him­self. Regard­less of the verac­i­ty of these leg­ends, this city inspired Walt Dis­ney to cre­ate the Sleep­ing Beau­ty Cas­tle. Do you need more rea­sons to vis­it Segovia?

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Granada and Alhambra

Grana­da is locat­ed at the foot of the Sier­ra Neva­da in south­ern Spain and is known for the leg­endary citadel and palace of the Alham­bra in the list of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain. The most mag­i­cal sight is the Alham­bra, shin­ing with a red glow in the set­ting sun. The best view of it opens from the Mirador de San Nicolás. Of course, deli­cious tapas and live­ly nightlife def­i­nite­ly won’t hurt you!


Madrid. Capital of Spain

As they say: “If you are in Madrid, you are from Madrid.” Madrid is one of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain. Its nightlife is leg­endary, with mer­ry crowds in the streets and danc­ing all night long. It is also known for its mar­velous muse­ums, the Pra­do Muse­um, the Cen­ter de Arte Reina Sophie and the Thyssen-Borne­misza Muse­um, among oth­er attrac­tions in Madrid. The atmos­phere of the city is cos­mopoli­tan.


The most beautiful city in Spain — Barcelona

The col­or­ful Cata­lan cap­i­tal is adorned with archi­tec­tur­al mar­vels. Barcelon­a’s attrac­tions include Antoni Gaudí’s Casa Batl­ló and the famous Sagra­da Famil­ia Church. It is a live­ly beach town with a vibrant nightlife, live­ly shops and amaz­ing restau­rants, as well as street food.

The most beautiful city in Spain - Barcelona

It’s no sur­prise if after see­ing this list of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Spain, some of you have already start­ed pack­ing your bags. Keep on trav­el­ing and nev­er stop, as Spain can sur­prise you end­less­ly.