Birds, fish, veg­e­ta­tion are indis­pens­able ele­ments of nature. With­out these crea­tures, there would be no life on earth. Let’s look at exam­ples of the vivid fan­ta­sy of nature — the most beau­ti­ful birds of the Earth, which are also sym­bols of their coun­tries.

national birds

We have already writ­ten about the 10 most beau­ti­ful birds on Earth, but here we will focus on those birds that have become sym­bols of their coun­tries.

Peacock, India.

Pea­cocks are an ancient sym­bol of glo­ry and immor­tal­i­ty. This grace­ful bird is the nation­al sym­bol of India. In Hin­duism, pea­cocks are asso­ci­at­ed with Lak­sh­mi, the god­dess of good luck, kind­ness and benef­i­cence. It is a great hap­pi­ness to watch this beau­ti­ful bird as it spreads its tail.

Blue jay, Canada.

A very curi­ous blue bird, with an unusu­al black col­lar around its neck. The blue jay is known for being one of the most intel­li­gent birds.

beautiful national birds

East African crowned crane.

The bird, 3.3 feet tall, with a crown of stiff gold­en feath­ers, is the nation­al bird of Ugan­da.

Dark red sunbird, Singapore.

The Crim­son Sun­bird is a tiny, attrac­tive bird with a yel­low rump, crim­son breast, and olive bel­ly. This cute lit­tle bird is the nation­al bird of Sin­ga­pore.

Flamingos, Bahamas.

Also known are the Caribbean flamin­go and the Amer­i­can flamin­go. Birds live in Cen­tral Amer­i­ca, South­ern Mex­i­co and the Caribbean. The Caribbean flamin­go is the only flamin­go that nat­u­ral­ly inhab­its North Amer­i­ca. West Indi­an Flamin­gos are the nation­al bird of the Bahamas.

Hoatzin, Guyana.

Hoatzin is the nation­al bird of Guyana. This bird has a char­ac­ter­is­tic spe­cif­ic smell that scares off preda­tors, and when dan­ger approach­es, it begins to make all kinds of loud sounds.

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Cardinal bird, USA.

This bird is eas­i­ly rec­og­niz­able due to its vibrant warm red hues all over its body.

Magnificent frigate bird, Antigua and Barbuda.

The frigate bird is the nation­al bird of the dual island nation of Antigua and Bar­bu­da. A bird with a wingspan of about sev­en feet. The pouch on the chest is char­ac­ter­is­tic of males. They inflate it dur­ing mat­ing games.