Mobile phones have become an inte­gral part of the dai­ly life of most of human­i­ty in recent years. In addi­tion to the usu­al mak­ing calls and send­ing SMS, today phones help us plan our work­ing day, check email, share news on social net­works, nav­i­gate the area, even watch online our favorite series and TV shows that were missed on TV the day before — and that’s not to men­tion thou­sands of use­ful appli­ca­tions for smart­phones with which the Inter­net is flood­ed. But in this arti­cle we will not talk about the func­tion­al com­po­nent of mod­ern mobile devices, but will con­sid­er only the most expen­sive phones in the world at the moment.

The most expensive phones in the world

So, on the 10th place in the rank­ing “The most expen­sive phones in the world” is the mod­el The Chair­man Dia­mond Edi­tion of the Swiss phone Ulysse Nardin, whose case is made of 18-carat white gold, dec­o­rat­ed with more than 2,000 dia­monds and styl­ized as a watch (after all, Switzer­land) — espe­cial­ly for this pur­pose, on the right edge of the device, there is a frankly ridicu­lous auto­mat­ic wind­ing mech­a­nism, like on an ordi­nary Swiss watch.

Ulysse Nardin The Chairman Diamond Edition

At the same time, the smart­phone has quite decent char­ac­ter­is­tics — 32 GB of mem­o­ry, 3.2 ” touch screen and Android OS of the lat­est ver­sion.

Ulysse Nardin

In total, 100 such phones were pro­duced, the price of each of them is 130 thou­sand dol­lars.


The 9th line of the list is occu­pied by the Black Dia­mond from Sony Eric­s­son, designed by Sin­ga­pore­an design­er Jaren Goh. The phone is built from exclu­sive mate­ri­als such as tita­ni­um with poly­car­bon­ate and fea­tures a beau­ti­ful mir­rored shell, but its specs, includ­ing a 400 MHz proces­sor and a 4‑megapixel cam­era, seem sim­ply ridicu­lous con­sid­er­ing the cost of the device — for $ 250,000 you can buy your­self a good apart­ment, not to men­tion about a less sta­tus, but much more func­tion­al smart­phone from among those cur­rent­ly on the mar­ket.

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Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

In 8th place is a new phone from Ver­tu, a man­u­fac­tur­er famil­iar to many, which has long been declared the offi­cial phone of Russ­ian oli­garchs. The Sig­na­ture Cobra mod­el is adorned by the famous French jew­el­ry house Boucheron — 439 rubies, two emer­ald “eyes”, one round white dia­mond and one pear-shaped dia­mond were used.


This some­what dis­gust­ing spec­ta­cle is lim­it­ed to a series of 8 phones — one gets the feel­ing that the cre­ators of this cre­ation them­selves were not com­plete­ly sure that there would be many who would pay $ 260,000 for it, although, as prac­tice shows, such sta­tus nov­el­ties are always in demand and are sold out in advance.

Signature Cobra

The next mobile device on our list also does not have spe­cial tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter­is­tics — the Le Mil­lion mod­el from the French man­u­fac­tur­er Gold­vish has a 2‑megapixel cam­era and does not even have access to 3G net­works, but hap­pi­ness is not in the fill­ing, as buy­ers of such kind of fash­ion nov­el­ties, but in the appear­ance of the phone, empha­siz­ing the sta­tus and sol­ven­cy of its own­er.

Goldvish Le Million

On the last point, this Genevan device cer­tain­ly has some­thing to say — its 18-carat white gold case is set with 1,800 first-class dia­monds for a total of 120 carats. The price, as the name of the mod­el sug­gests, is $1 mil­lion.


Almost the same amount will have to be paid for the next phone in the rank­ing of “The Most Expen­sive Phones in the World” — Gres­so Lux­or Las Vegas Jack­pot, the main goal of which, like its name­sake hotel, is to com­bine the trea­sures of Ancient Egypt and the aes­thet­ics of mod­ern Las Vegas. In short, this basi­cal­ly means a lot of gold, dia­monds and wood. Yes, it’s a tree. The back pan­el of the mobile phone is made of 200-year-old African ebony, while the body itself is made of sol­id gold, adorned with 45.5 carats of black dia­monds and 17 laser engraved sap­phires. Sure­ly you will also be inter­est­ed to know about the most expen­sive TVs in the world, for which a sep­a­rate selec­tion was cre­at­ed on Life­Globe.

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Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

The next smart­phone was the result of coop­er­a­tion between the Russ­ian com­pa­ny Anko­rt OJSC and the famous Aus­tri­an jew­el­er Peter Alu­zon, but, in fact, is an evo­lu­tion of the Swiss Cryp­to smart­phone.

Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The new $1.3 mil­lion Dia­mond Cryp­to Smart­phone is craft­ed from plat­inum and has an 18k rose gold nav­i­ga­tion key set with 28 bril­liant-cut dia­monds.


The phone runs Win­dows CE, so updat­ing your Face­book sta­tus can be quite prob­lem­at­ic.


Anoth­er cre­ation by the Aus­tri­an jew­el­er, Peter Alois­son’s iPhone 3G Kings But­ton is a flashy phone the likes of which Steve Jobs nev­er envi­sioned. The smart­phone is made of sol­id 18-carat yel­low, white and rose gold and encrust­ed with 138 dia­monds. An extreme­ly rare 6.6‑carat dia­mond acts as the cen­tral nav­i­ga­tion but­ton, so it’s no sur­prise that this phone exists in a sin­gle copy. Its cost is $2.3 mil­lion.

Peter Aloisson iPhone 3G Kings Button

In third place on the “Most Expen­sive Phones in the World” list is anoth­er iPhone, this time from Gold­strik­er Inter­na­tion­al, a com­pa­ny that spe­cial­izes in cre­at­ing unique lux­u­ry goods. Com­mis­sioned by an anony­mous Aus­tralian gold min­er, the Gold­strik­er iPhone 3GS Supre­me’s 271g 22k gold case is set with 136 flaw­less col­ored dia­monds, and the nav­i­ga­tion key is a 7.1k dia­mond. The total cost of this iPhone was $3 mil­lion.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Anoth­er iPhone occu­pies the 2nd line of the rat­ing. This time it’s the Stu­art Hugh­es iPhone 4 Dia­mond Rose, craft­ed by the world renowned British design stu­dio Stu­art Hugh­es. The 32 GB smart­phone is adorned with 500 dia­monds total­ing 100 carats on the sides, the Apple logo on the back is made of rose gold and adorned with 53 more dia­monds, and the cen­tral but­ton is a sol­id 7.4‑carat pink dia­mond.

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Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose

The bejew­eled iPhone 4 Dia­mond Rose was val­ued at £5 mil­lion, or more than $7.6 mil­lion.

Diamond Rose

So, we got to the top of the list of the most expen­sive phones in the world. This may seem dis­hon­est to some, adver­tis­ing to oth­ers, but anoth­er iPhone is firm­ly in the 1st place .. What can you do if these 4 smart­phones from Apple are actu­al­ly more expen­sive than all oth­er phones. In gen­er­al, the most expen­sive phone at the moment is the Stu­art Hugh­es iPhone 4S Elite Gold — anoth­er cre­ation of Stu­art Hugh­es, who is obsessed with gold and dia­monds.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4S Elite Gold

The dec­o­ra­tion of this iPhone also took 500 white dia­monds, with a total weight of more than 100 carats, again, 53 dia­monds make up the Apple logo. The case is made of 24-carat gold, and the nav­i­ga­tion but­ton is a 7.4‑carat pink dia­mond sur­round­ed by small dia­monds with a total weight of 2.6 carats.

The most expensive phones in the world

The cost of the most expen­sive phone in the world is ?6 mil­lion, or almost $9.2 mil­lion in terms of con­ven­tion­al dol­lars.


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