Ger­many is a coun­try of mag­nif­i­cent cas­tles. There are a lot of them here, and many of them are among the most beau­ti­ful in the world. We decid­ed to make a rat­ing of Ger­man cas­tles, talk­ing about each of them in detail. We have pre­vi­ous­ly writ­ten about all these cas­tles sep­a­rate­ly, but now we will com­pile a gen­er­al list, assign­ing a spe­cif­ic place to each of them. Eval­u­a­tion cri­te­ria: beau­ty, his­to­ry, num­ber of restora­tions, etc. For each of the struc­tures, a link will be giv­en to a sep­a­rate arti­cle, where you will find many inter­est­ing details. Please share your impres­sions and leave feed­back in the com­ments to the arti­cle.

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We decid­ed to include in the list the 7 most beau­ti­ful cas­tles in Ger­many, and we will tell about each of them in this col­lec­tion.
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Let’s start with the 7th place, where Johan­nis­burg Cas­tle is locat­ed. It is locat­ed in the city of Aschaf­fen­burg, many con­sid­er it one of the most majes­tic cas­tles of the Renais­sance. It is locat­ed right on the banks of the Main, on the oppo­site side there is a mag­nif­i­cent park. The pro­por­tions of Johan­nis­burg are cor­rect and pre­cise, the facades of the build­ings are built with per­fect pre­ci­sion and stand out for their sim­plic­i­ty. The rather aus­tere and sym­met­ri­cal appear­ance of the façade is enlivened by peaks in the cen­tral part of the roofs, dec­o­rat­ed with orna­ments, as well as cor­ner tur­rets and don­jons in the same archi­tec­tur­al style. If not for these ele­gant ele­ments, then a rather strict cas­tle would look very dull. The roofs of the cas­tle are cov­ered with a spe­cial roof­ing — slate. We placed this cas­tle in the 7th place just because of its sever­i­ty and bulk­i­ness:

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On the sixth line is Hohen­schwan­gau Cas­tle, locat­ed in the pic­turesque area of ​​Bavaria. Hohen­schwan­gau is locat­ed near the town of Fussen, just a few hun­dred meters from the fairy tale cas­tle Neuschwanstein, which also made our list. The cas­tle was designed by the artist-archi­tect Domeni­co Quaglio, his task was to build a neo-Goth­ic style cas­tle. Hohen­schwan­gau served as the offi­cial sum­mer and hunt­ing res­i­dence of Max­i­m­il­ian II and his fam­i­ly. Inter­est­ing­ly, both World Wars did not touch Hohen­schwan­gau Cas­tle in any way. It has been per­fect­ly pre­served and is now in the pos­ses­sion of the for­mer roy­al fam­i­ly of Wit­tel­bach. About 300,000 tourists a year come from all over the world to admire this mag­nif­i­cent cas­tle, among the sights of which there is even a piano played by Wag­n­er
Hohenschwangau castle

Fifth place is Stolzen­fels Cas­tle on the Rhine, which looks a bit like Hohen­schwan­gau. The cas­tle was built between 1242 and 1259 by the Arch­bish­op of Tri­er, Arnold II. Dur­ing the Thir­ty Years’ War, Stolzen­fels was used in every pos­si­ble way by the war­ring par­ties. The cas­tle was almost com­plete­ly destroyed in 1689, after which it lay in ruins for almost 150 years. The cas­tle was lat­er restored by Friedrich Wil­helm of Prus­sia and became his res­i­dence. Since 2002, UNESCO has rec­og­nized Stolzen­fels as a World Her­itage Site. Now the cas­tle is closed for anoth­er restora­tion, timed to coin­cide with the Gar­den Show 2011. 16 mil­lion euros have been allo­cat­ed for the restora­tion of the cas­tle, vis­it­ing for tourists is closed.


In fourth place is the Lion’s Cas­tle — Lev­en­burg. Among all the cas­tles in Ger­many, it is unique in that it is con­ceived as a roman­tic medieval ruin. Such a won­der­ful project of Lev­en­burg arose as a result of the fan­tasies of Wil­helm IX. Nev­er­the­less, experts regard the cas­tle as a very impor­tant his­tor­i­cal mon­u­ment, the first neo-Goth­ic build­ing in Ger­many. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Löwen­burg Cas­tle was bad­ly dam­aged dur­ing the Sec­ond World War and under­went major repairs. Now it is one of the most pop­u­lar tourist attrac­tions in Ger­many and the city of Kas­sel.

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Let’s move on to the top three most beau­ti­ful cas­tles in Ger­many. In third place is Eltz, built in a cozy val­ley of the Mos­sel Riv­er near Koblenz. Eltz is a real medieval cas­tle dat­ing back to the mid­dle of the twelfth cen­tu­ry. Unlike oth­er old cas­tles in Ger­many, Eltz nev­er saw any seri­ous bat­tles, and mod­ern archi­tec­ture did not inter­fere here. Eltz Cas­tle was built on a 200-meter moun­tain spire and is sur­round­ed on three sides by a riv­er and dense for­est. The pic­turesque loca­tion and impres­sive archi­tec­ture have made it one of the most pop­u­lar cas­tles in Ger­many. Two-thirds of the build­ing is acces­si­ble to tourists, while the rest is home to the 33rd gen­er­a­tion of the Eltz fam­i­ly.
Eltz castle

In sec­ond place is the cas­tle in the clouds — Hohen­zollern. Built on the 855-meter moun­tain of the same name, this stun­ning exam­ple of Ger­man archi­tec­ture was home to the Hohen­zollern dynasty, which ruled Prus­sia from the Mid­dle Ages until the end of the First World War. While on a trip to Italy, Fred­er­ick William IV was pass­ing through south­ern Ger­many and decid­ed to learn more about his fam­i­ly’s his­to­ry. He climbed to the top of the moun­tain and decid­ed that this was the per­fect place to build a memo­r­i­al in hon­or of his dynasty. Designed in the Goth­ic Revival style, Hohen­zollern Cas­tle was built in the like­ness of medieval knights’ cas­tles.
hohenzollern castle

So, we smooth­ly approached the most beau­ti­ful cas­tle not only in Ger­many, but through­out the world — this is the fab­u­lous Neuschwanstein, a real trea­sure of the Alps. Locat­ed in the heart of Bavaria, this amaz­ing cas­tle was built by King Lud­wig II, lat­er nick­named Lud­wig the Mad. In a let­ter to his muse, the famous Ger­man com­pos­er Richard Wag­n­er, he said that he had always dreamed of build­ing a cas­tle in the style of the Ger­man Knights, in the most beau­ti­ful place one could find.

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Opened to tourists in 1886, after the death of Lud­wig, Neuschwanstein Cas­tle became one of the most pop­u­lar tourist des­ti­na­tions in Ger­many and the most pho­tographed build­ing in the coun­try. More than 50 mil­lion peo­ple have vis­it­ed this fairy tale cas­tle since its open­ing.

German castles

We told you about the most famous and beau­ti­ful Ger­man cas­tles, if any of them inter­est­ed you, you can fol­low the link and learn about it in detail