No oth­er con­ti­nent on the plan­et can boast such a huge num­ber of tem­ples as Asia. This is not sur­pris­ing, because it is Asia that is the birth­place of most of the world’s dom­i­nant reli­gions, as well as oth­er beliefs. Reli­gions such as Bud­dhism, Hin­duism, Jain­ism, Sikhism and Tao­ism and a num­ber of oth­ers inspired mankind to build the most famous tem­ples in the world, which will be dis­cussed in this col­lec­tion
most famous temples in asia

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10. Lotus Temple

The Lotus Tem­ple is the most famous tem­ple of the Baha’i reli­gion. The lotus shape is achieved thanks to 27 huge petals made of con­crete. The tem­ple was opened in 1986 and has become one of the main attrac­tions not only in New Del­hi, but also in India.
lotus temple

9. Ranakpur Temple

The cen­tral tem­ple of Ranakpur is a real archi­tec­tur­al mar­vel. It rests on 1444 mar­ble pil­lars, each with its own unique fea­tures. The build­ing was erect­ed approx­i­mate­ly in the 14–15th cen­tu­ry. Read more in a sep­a­rate arti­cle at the link above.

8. Taktsang Jong Monastery

Perched on the edge of a 900-meter cliff, Tak­t­sang Monastery, or Tiger’s Nest, is the unof­fi­cial sym­bol of Bhutan. To get here, you need to make a two-hour jour­ney, climb­ing the moun­tain. The struc­ture was built in the 17th cen­tu­ry, but destroyed in a fire in 1998, after which it was care­ful­ly restored.
most famous temples in asia

7. Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Tem­ple of the Emer­ald Bud­dha is the most famous tem­ple in Bangkok. Its main trea­sure is a 66 cm jade Bud­dha stat­ue. It is believed to be one of the old­est Bud­dha stat­ues in the world.
temple of the emerald buddha

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6. Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Tiantan Heav­en Tem­ple was built between 1406 and 1420 and is a Taoist tem­ple. It is sur­round­ed by a very beau­ti­ful park, a favorite vaca­tion spot for locals.
Sky Temple

5. Golden Pavilion of Kinkaku-ji

The Gold­en Pavil­ion of Kinkaku-ji is the most famous land­mark in the city of Kyoto in Japan. It was built in the 14th cen­tu­ry as a vil­la and then con­vert­ed into a tem­ple. In 1950, a mad monk set fire to the tem­ple, and it was only pos­si­ble to restore it a few years lat­er.
golden pavilion

4. Harmandir Sahib

Har­mandir Sahib is bet­ter known as the Gold­en Tem­ple, the main attrac­tion of Armit­sar and the reli­gious shrine of the Sikhs. Its con­struc­tion began in the 16th cen­tu­ry, and in the 19th cen­tu­ry its upper floors were cov­ered with gold. There are always a lot of peo­ple here, thou­sands of pil­grims vis­it the tem­ple every day.
harmandir sahib

3. Baalbek

Baal­bek is an amaz­ing ruins of an ancient city in the north­east of mod­ern Lebanon. Start­ing from the first cen­tu­ry BC, the Romans built three amaz­ing tem­ples here, the tem­ple of Jupiter, the Small Tem­ple and the tem­ple of Venus. Only the small­est tem­ple is the best pre­served, while the oth­er two turned into ruins.

2. Borobudur

Borobudur is locat­ed on the Indone­sian island of Java, 40 kilo­me­ters north­west of Jakar­ta. This is the largest and most famous Bud­dhist tem­ple in Indone­sia. It took approx­i­mate­ly 75 years to build in the 8th and 9th cen­turies. The site was aban­doned in the 14th cen­tu­ry for unknown rea­sons that are still a mys­tery. For cen­turies, Borobudur has been hid­den in the jun­gle under lay­ers of vol­canic ash.

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1. Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Angkor Wat is a huge tem­ple com­plex built at the begin­ning of the 12th cen­tu­ry on a spe­cial ter­race. Angkor Wat has been a reli­gious cen­ter since its con­struc­tion, first as a Hin­du tem­ple and then as a Bud­dhist one.
most famous temples in asia
These were the 10 most famous tem­ples in Asia. On the pages of Life­Globe you will find sto­ries about a huge num­ber of oth­er equal­ly amaz­ing struc­tures in the world.