A stun­ning des­ti­na­tion in the Canary arch­i­pel­ago, Tener­ife is also called the island of eter­nal spring. The unique cli­mate of the island with a year-round tem­per­a­ture of 20–23 degrees Cel­sius allows you to receive tourists through­out the year. Here you will find not only a beach hol­i­day, but also numer­ous his­tor­i­cal mon­u­ments, as well as stun­ning nature. An excel­lent tourist infra­struc­ture with a vari­ety of restau­rants and enter­tain­ment attracts trav­el­ers from all over the world. Numer­ous cafes and restau­rants treat guests to local del­i­ca­cies, while the unique nature is com­ple­ment­ed by mod­ern ameni­ties. The sights of Tener­ife cov­er a wide range of his­tor­i­cal eras, but in this arti­cle I will tell you what is worth see­ing first of all.

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Siam Park

Dur­ing your trip, you should pay atten­tion to both the man-made and nat­ur­al attrac­tions of Tener­ife. Each of these places is sur­round­ed by leg­ends and has its own charm. A jour­ney through the island of eter­nal spring will leave indeli­ble impres­sions for a life­time, which you will tell your grand­chil­dren about. Let’s start our review of the sights of the island with the leg­endary Siam Park. This is one of the most out­stand­ing places where you can relax not only with your soul, but also with your body. Dur­ing the cre­ation of the park, the task was set to sur­pass most Euro­pean water parks. The cre­ators man­aged to do it 100%. The list of attrac­tions in Siam Park is rich enough to sur­prise even sea­soned trav­el­ers. Enter­tain­ment here is accom­pa­nied by large-scale laser shows and oth­er effects, caus­ing gen­uine delight of the guests. Siam Park is rec­om­mend­ed for fam­i­lies with chil­dren, as there are many chil­dren’s slides and pools.

siam park

Loro Park

Con­tin­u­ing the theme of Tener­ife parks, we go to Loro Par­que. This is a par­rot park that nature lovers will love. Pre­vi­ous­ly, the ter­ri­to­ry of the park was inhab­it­ed only by Loro par­rots, but today you can see many oth­er rare species here. Every day there are inter­est­ing shows that are worth vis­it­ing while explor­ing the sights of Tener­ife. This place is also worth vis­it­ing with chil­dren.

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Los Gigantes

The cliffs of Los Gigantes will be of inter­est to lovers of vol­ca­noes. The locals called them hell­ish walls for a rea­son, as these are the slopes of the for­mi­da­ble Tei­de vol­cano. The black vol­canic rock evokes gen­uine fear among the natives, which formed the basis of many leg­ends about the mirac­u­lous pow­ers of these places. The view from the top is tru­ly amaz­ing and cov­ers many of Tener­ife’s high­lights. Dur­ing your trip, it is also worth vis­it­ing the near­by vil­lage, where you can watch dol­phins and whales in the bay.

Eagle Park Tenerife

This park is one of the island’s most pop­u­lar attrac­tions. Don’t let the name fool you, but the park is actu­al­ly inhab­it­ed by numer­ous birds and ani­mals, not just eagles. Here you can watch the African savan­nas, var­i­ous types of mon­keys, as well as fur seals while vis­it­ing a the­atri­cal per­for­mance on the water. A promi­nent attrac­tion is the bob­sleigh track, which runs right through the nat­ur­al jun­gle. Sev­er­al times a day, eagle shows are held here, which will be inter­est­ing for chil­dren and adults.

Mask Gorge

One of the most beau­ti­ful parts of Tener­ife is the famous Mas­ca Gorge. Its steep slopes drop sharply into the ocean waters. Few tourists decide to go down, but if you are pre­pared and brave enough, don’t for­get to put on com­fort­able shoes and get ready for a long hike. The final point of such a descent will be the stun­ning Rocky Beach in a seclud­ed cor­ner of the island. The way back will allow you to relax while rock­ing on the waves dur­ing the boat ride. Such an excur­sion will take you direct­ly to Los Gigantes.

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Teide National Park

Tei­de Nation­al Park in Tener­ife is one of the lead­ing attrac­tions in Spain. Its cen­ter is the active vol­cano Tei­de, on which you will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to climb. With an age of over 5 mil­lion years, the vol­cano is a must-vis­it place. Be pre­pared to climb to a height of three and a half kilo­me­ters, where the dif­fi­cult path lies. From the obser­va­tion deck at the top you can admire the pic­turesque land­scapes of the island.

dragon tree

The Tener­ife Drag­on Tree, over 1000 years old, is locat­ed with­in the Dra­go Park, where vis­i­tors will have the chance to learn more about the life of the indige­nous peo­ple. The drag­on tree is a pro­tect­ed nation­al sym­bol and one of Tener­ife’s lead­ing attrac­tions. He is depict­ed on many post­cards and even on ban­knotes.

City of Orotava

The city of Oro­ta­va is con­sid­ered one of the most beau­ti­ful on the island. It was found­ed by the Spaniards in the 17th cen­tu­ry, who oust­ed the natives from here. Over time, the city remained aloof from civ­i­liza­tion, there­fore it was pre­served almost untouched. For this rea­son, many trav­el­ers come here, espe­cial­ly for the local car­pet fes­ti­val. On this day, city streets turn into col­or­ful can­vas­es thanks to thou­sands of beau­ti­ful car­pets.

Icod de los Vinos

The city of Icod de los Vinos was found­ed in the sixth cen­tu­ry and is con­sid­ered one of the old­est set­tle­ments in Tener­ife. It is inter­est­ing for its tra­di­tion­al archi­tec­ture, as well as an inde­scrib­able old atmos­phere. Among the pop­u­lar attrac­tions of the Canary Islands, it is worth not­ing the thou­sand-year-old tree, which is con­sid­ered sacred by the locals.

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Basilica of Candelaria

There are also reli­gious mon­u­ments in Tener­ife, among which it is worth not­ing the Basil­i­ca of Can­de­lar­ia. The ancient Catholic church is open to vis­i­tors absolute­ly free of charge. Locals often come to this attrac­tion of Tener­ife to offer prayers to the Blessed Vir­gin Mary. Unlike tra­di­tion­al church­es, noisy hol­i­days and fes­ti­vals are often held in Can­de­lar­ia.


Locat­ed on the North Shore of Tener­ife, the city of Gorachico is also an impor­tant land­mark. Tourists high­ly appre­ci­ate it for its nar­row wind­ing streets and pret­ty hous­es, around which you can wan­der for hours and admire the beau­ty. This coast was shaped by a vol­canic erup­tion, so don’t expect to find beau­ti­ful beach­es here. But on the oth­er hand, right in the rocky slopes there are many pools where guests of Gorachiko swim with plea­sure. Direct­ly from these nat­ur­al jacuzzis, mag­nif­i­cent views of the ocean and the coast of Tener­ife open up.

Pyramids of Guimar

The mys­te­ri­ous sights of Tener­ife include the ancient pyra­mids of Guimar. Numer­ous researchers have not been able to reveal the secret of their ori­gin. It is not even known who built the pyra­mids and why. Pre­sum­ably, they are relat­ed to astrol­o­gy, but the answer to the ques­tion is still not deter­mined. There is also a muse­um next to the pyra­mids, when vis­it­ing which you can try to make your own con­tri­bu­tion to his­to­ry and try to uncov­er the mys­tery of the unusu­al pyra­mids of Güi­mar.